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The 30-Day, One-One-Nine Adventure
An interactive experience between God, His Word, and our mind and heart

Psalm 119 printable as a PDF or a WORD Document

I’d been reading around in Psalm 119 – that long one where nearly every verse refers to our relationship with God and His Word in some way – and I was deeply impacted. Something can happen inside us when we read that chapter and make it our own, and I’m encouraging others to give it a try.

In creation, God established certain “laws” that govern man just as He established the law of gravity that keeps the earth and solar systems functioning in harmony with each other. These became the DNA of humanity, and when followed they produce the good life that we were created for. The “Word” of God is not only the written words that we know as the Bible. It includes the laws and principles that He spoke into creation at the beginning and which still govern all of life.

The chaos in our world is simply the result of man violating the Word of God. In original sin man rejected God and His laws for life, and brokenness followed. When we are born again we receive a new nature which is inclined toward Him, and that is followed by a life-long process of learning and increasingly choosing to follow His laws, precepts and decrees.

Psalm 119 declares their veracity over and over and the author (probably King David) expresses his desire to know them and to live according to them. I just love the sense of longing in v5; the declaration of v14 (wow!); the testimony of v24; the imploring of 27 and 34; the bottom-line assertion of 50; and the humble heart of v59. And that’s just the beginning!  

There are 22 stanzas, and I’ve made this a 30-day adventure by giving us Sunday as a day of review and reflection, and adding portions of Psalm 1 and several chapters in Proverbs.

Ask God to give you insight as you read the Psalm, out loud, one stanza a day. Pick out one phrase to consider for that day. Read it and make it your own in light of the reality of the challenges of life and of how easily we faint before them when we try to plow through them in our own way. You may want to keep this in your quiet-time spot, your work truck, office, or “wherever.”

My sense is that if we embraced the spirit of Psalm 1-1-9 we would have far fewer spiritual, emotional and relational 9-1-1 situations in life. Every such event happens only because we are missing a principle that God laid down when He created man – principles that we can live by because of what Jesus did (and does) for us. This Psalm speaks to their benefit in our life.

The power of God’s Truth is greater than that of Satan’s lies. His light trumps Satan’s darkness. We don’t have to be subject to the depravity of our world and the brokenness that we knew before we were born again. “Life in Christ” is a greater reality than they are – for those who know, love and chose the Word of God. Embracing the spirit of Psalm 119 can help us do that. Why would we do otherwise?

Yours, on the journey too!

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