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The 2020 Series

Seeing things as God sees them in troubled times

Last modified: Sept. 10, 2020

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Sept. 10, 2020 - Some of these resources are "in process" and not yet in their final form.
Most of these can be read online, and/or read, downloaded or printed as pdf's or WORD docs. When reading them online you simply click on the blue links which will take you to the scripture or other resource, which is easier on pdf's than WORD documents.
Words from the Scriptures for Our Day
Things that have come to me along the way
A Study on Luke 9:23-26, "If you would be my disciples - -"
WORD Document
  Read as a PDF
Things that have come to me along the way
The Choice is Yours
A key element in the God/man relationship (Coming soon)
Does our identity as an American or as a Christian influence us the most?
We need to be talking with each. Here's some possible starters.
Read, download and/or print as a PDF or WORD document
Preparing for Hard Times
Some reasonable steps for God's people to take at this time.
(Coming soon)
What "eternal life" means and how it affects us in hard times.
On the devotional books by Sarah Young
Links, Other Resources
Links to videos and other resources on masks, vaccines and more.
(Coming soon)
More to come!
  *You may us any article or workbook on this web site, free and without asking permission, and may revise and/or translate it to suit your purposes.
*Copying and saving WORD documents - My WORD documents are "locked" so they don't lose their formatting when you open them. Here's how to save and copy them if you want to "unlock" them and revise or translate them for your own use.
Open a blank page in WORD, and then open my document. To copy and save a portion, put your cursor on the top left corner of the desired text, and scroll down to the end of what you want, which will highlight the text.. Then do Ctrl+C (Hold down on Ctrl and C at the same time) to copy it. Now go to your blank WORD page and do Ctrl+V to paste it into your new document, after which you save it on your computer. You can save the entire document by placing the cursor anywhere on it, doing Ctrl+A to highlight it all, and then Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V as above. You will probably need to reformat the margins and so forth on your new page but the text will be there!

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