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Aeronca Chief Aircraft Photos & Information


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The Aeronca Chiefs are on two pages

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Prewar Aeronca Chief Aircraft

  Aeronca KCA, 50-C, S-50-C, 65-C, S-65-C, (L-3F) 65-CA, S-65-CA Chief approved under TCDS A-675, all built with Continental engines.
  - KCA, A-50 Continental; eligible serial numbers KCA-1 and up; #1150 gross weight.
  - 50-C, same as KCA except for wider cabin and modified engine cowling. Has A-50 Continental; eligible serial numbers C-1018 and up, #1150.
  - S-50C, same as 50-C except for float provisions and #1253 gross.
  - 65-C, S-65-C same as 50-C except for A-65 Continental, C-1018 and up, #1150.
  - S-65-C same as 65-C except for float provisions, #1253 gross.
  - 65-CA (L-3F), same as 50-C except for minor structural changes, equipment changes, and the A-65 engine installation. Eligible serial numbers C-10010 and up, #1250 gross.
  - S-65-CA, same as 65-CA except for float provisions and #1320 gross.

  Aeronca 50-L, 50-LA, 65-LA, (L-3G) 65-LB Chief approved under TCDS A-702, all built with O-145 series Lycoming. Eligible serial numbers are L-1018 and up for all.
  - 50-LA same as 50-L, except engine cowling. 50-LA has tunnel type cowl. Eligible serial numbers L-1018 and up, #1150 gross.
  - 65-LA same as Model 50-L, except engine installation, 65-hp in place of 55, #1150.
  - 65-LB (Army L-3G), same as 50-L except minor structural changes, equipment changes and 65-hp in place of 55, #1250 gross.

Postwar Aeronca Chief Aircraft

  Aeronca 11AC, S11AC, 11BC, S11BC Chief approved under TCDS A-761
  - 11AC has A-65 Continental, elibible sn are 11AC-1 and up
  - 11BC has C-85-8 Continental (no electrical system), eligible sn are11BC-1 and up
  - S11AC and S11BC have float provisions
  - Landplanes are #1250 gross weight, seaplanes are #1350 when on floats
  - 11AC can be converted to 11BC
Aeronca 11CC, S11CC Super Chief
, approved under TCDS A-796
  - 11CC has C-85-8 Continental (no electrical system); eligible sn are 11CC-1 and up; #1350 gross.
  - S11CC has float provisions, #1400 gross


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