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Aircraft Slides for Sale - Main Page

You Can Buy Them, or Just Enjoy Them Here!

Ken Stoltzfus Collection

I am downsizing my collection of aviation photos, slides, negatives, books, magazines, brochures and similar items. Info on 5,000 old 8x10 black & white photos, with many factory and military branch originals of large and small aircraft, including experimental and prototype, with press releases and/or factory or military stamp on the back may be seen here.

Aircraft Slides

Most slides are 30+ years old and "photographer unknown." They are in good condition and any obvious flaws should be seen on the scans, but I don't guarantee them to be perfect. Most are Kodak, and all are originals unless noted otherwise.

These scans not been corrected for light or sharpness, which would improve them a lot. They are scanned wide, so that you can see the full image.
I have bought slides at different times and organized them in various ways. Here are some groups that you can look at, either for personal enjoyment or to purchase. The ID and price are with each one. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger photo.
1964-68 Oshkosh EAA, 170 slides, mostly Experimental with a few antiques and warbirds from EAA Oshkosh, 1964 and 1967/68. Enjoy them, or buy one or all.
A1 series, 100 slides, random warbird and antique aircraft, mostly US but some foreign registered. Covers slides A1-1 through A5-20. Many more to come
A2L Series, 120 slides. mostly warbird aircraft, some taken in the 1960's, most in 1970's. There's another 200 in this group to scan and post.
DM Series. About 100 slides from Davis Monthan, DMARC. Coming soon.
1200 antique and classic aircraft and warbirds from EAA Oshkosh, 1972-97, see Excel list here. I still have most but not all. These have the photographers' name on them, but when I bought them I was assured there were no copyright issues and I have that email.

Overall, approximately 12,000 aircraft slides, mostly 1970 to 1990's, single and multi-engine, prop and turbine, civilian and military. Some Davis Monthan and other interesting settings. Most are organized by make/model/registration or military sn, and most do not have the photographer's name or any other copyright information.

I have small scans of most of these. They would go with the collection but I won't send them out until they are sold.
  Beech (Beech 18 are spoken for)
  Douglas, many DC-3/4/6/7 (DC-3/C-47 are spoken for)
  Grumman, lots of amphibians
  Lockheed, lots of 10/12 and up through PV2
  North American, many T-6's, T-28's
  Of other manufacturers
Military aircraft, mostly jet fighters/bombers/transports, taken all over the world. Early 1980's, originals, with good info written on the frame as to location, sn, group assigned to and etc
Airliners from around the world, not organized, Originals, 1980-90's I think. No details on the slides.
  Military aircraft recognition slides ($100 for the lot!)
  Many more in smaller groups from purchases here and there.
Disclaimer: The information on each photo is "to the best of my knowledge and subject to your verification." I have tried to give accurate info, but there are many sources and they sometimes contradict each other. If an inaccuracy is obvious, please let me know before you buy and I'll correct it. If you buy a slide and later find it to be inaccurate - - we'll work it out together, and I'll be more sympathetic if you paid $10 or more, than if you paid $3!

Sales and Shipping
    FOB Kidron, Ohio, and I will ship internationally to most countries.

You may come to Kidron (by appointment, but not on Sunday) and I will show you what I have. You can also pick slides out from those I have posted, or tell me what you're looking for and I'll give you a general idea of what I have. In some cases I can send you thumbnails.

Payment by cash, PayPal or other good money, but no credit cards.

Thanks for your interest!

  Ken Stoltzfus

115 Heritage Green Lane, Dalton, OH 44618
Cell: 330-464-5817

Prices and all details and conditions are subject to change without notice, except that I promise that when you buy your purchase will be be as represented at the time of the sale.


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