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har·bin·ger - a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another. (


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  Gay Agenda
It is widely accepted on both sides of the issue that gay agenda is at the front of a battle for the heart and soul of America. These resources and news items are offered to help you be informed, but with the hope that you are thereby called to pray for the Church and our nation.
The Church is to be preserving salt, and light for our nation. We have failed miserably in that, thus our present state of affairs. If we remember this, and that for as long as we live we ourselves are dependent upon God's mercy and grace, we will not hate or condemn anyone. We will love the sinner as Jesus loves us and will desire that God could use us to draw them to Himself for eternal life.
This well crafted, Biblically based response to Gay marriage was prepared and signed by some key Christian leaders before the fateful June 26, 2015 SCOTUS decision. It both defends marriage as God intends it; warns of the spiritual and social repercussions of redefining marriage, and declares their response if the court came down in support of gay marriage. You can add your signature at the bottom of the page
  Orwellian: California Bars Judges From Joining Boy Scouts - 3/19/15 Newsmax
  U.N. rights office dismayed over Anwar ruling - 2/10/15
(Reuters) - The U.N. Human Rights office said on Tuesday it was "disappointed" by the Malaysian Federal Court ruling upholding the conviction on sodomy charges of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. "The bottom line for us is the charge in this case should not be a criminal offense," U.N. human rights spokesman Rupert Colville told a news briefing in Geneva.
  Mennonite pastors hope first gay wedding will lead to more - 1/6/15
  List of Christian denominational positions on homosexuality - 1/6/15 (Wikipedia, might not be altogether up to date)
  Denver - Ministers threatened, who refuse to to do same-sex wedding - 10/20/14
  Houston - Ministers subpoenaed, 10/14, here's a good place to start. Also: 10/20/14 -
  "The Gay Agenda - What in the World is Going On?", click here
  For a list of recent examples of the "gay agenda" in action, click here. (scroll down)
Other Topics, News, Sources, "America's Independent News Network" (Good source but don't believe everything you read)
Jerusalem Post newspaper
"Liena's Prayer," on being a Christian in Syria, here
Money Morning interview with Jim Rickards - Here (Fairly long, technical, informative. You don't need the book and their action plan. Seek God!)
U.S. Marines singing "Days of Elijah"
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 * Here’s a bottom-line thought. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by viewing American and world events as a wake-up call. If Christian-Americans were to take this to heart the resultant repentance and new Life would make us more like the people God always intended us to be. This would extend the time of God’s grace upon America; and/or empower us to stand firm and to serve Him effectively through difficulties. If such difficulties are only imagined by some (like me), we would have become a more authentic and vibrant Church and would have enjoyed God in an incredibly richer way. Regardless, we win. And regardless, it would be another proof that all things, even evil, ultimately serve the Lord our God! - Isaiah 46:9-10 - II Peter 3:8-9

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