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April 13, 2012, rev. May 11, Nov. 15


II Tim. 4:3 - For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.


The New Apostolic Reformation

The NAR is a false religion advocating Apostolic Governance, The Office of Prophet, Dominionism, A Theocracy, Extra-Biblical Revelation, and Signs & Wonders. It is nothing new. It is merely a collation and repackaging of false teaching that has been around for a long time. Some of the articles that I give links to (below and on other pages) show the NAR’s historical roots and connections.

As we will see, there is much about Dominionism and the NAR bundle of doctrine that violates historic Christian faith and practice. It is hardly conceivable that thinking Christians could embrace it, but many are and I believe it is because they are being deceived by doctrine that offers power.

There is nothing in life that is more appealing to man then power. It is the ultimate aroma to the nostrils of broken humanity. It may be power to do good; to serve God; to make one feel important; to gain wealth; to rule over others; to determine one’s own path in life - - or any one of countless other motives, but it is power and we lust for it. It was at the core of Satan’s first temptation to Adam and Eve, and in our human weakness which follows our brokenness which results from our separation from God, we are incredibly vulnerable to its influence.

It is easy to think that we could “pick and choose” from the Dominionism/NAR pillars and agenda. However, they are intertwined with each other, and one error helps justify another in a way that to accept one means to buy into the whole bundle.

I believe that many Christians who have moved into these camps have had nagging questions about it, but they have not been offered a Biblical alternative and have trusted their leaders who are themselves often uninformed about this matter. A few are accurately described in Jer. 5:30-31.

Sola Scriptura, Scripture Alone
Following is a quote from “The Dangers of the International House of Prayer (IHOP)”. This is an excellent article, and the IHOP influence has been significant in our area.

“One of the biggest issues of this movement is their denial of one of the bedrock doctrines of the Reformation and evangelical Christianity: Sola Scriptura, or Scripture Alone.  Sola Scriptura is the notion that the Bible is the revealed will of God and all that is necessary for faith (all teachings are contained within the Bible) and practice (the things we need to govern our church and everyday life).  For an excellent explanation of this by Dr. Greg Bahnsen go here: Basically, God does not need to give us anymore revelation, and this was first used in the Reformation against the Roman Catholic church that said we needed their traditions and clergy, but now it is under attack by IHOP.  They might say they believe in it, but their actions outright deny it.

When people from IHOP make decisions, they do not use the Bible as the only revealed revelation from God because they supposedly still get direct revelations from Him.  They deny this very doctrine that defines the protestant and evangelical faith.  Sadly, this is rampant at IHOP.”

I say confidently that the Dominionism, NAR, and signs and wonders movement with its various expressions, is conceived by man in a way that violates the historic Christian doctrine of “Scripture Alone.” It is therefore untrustworthy.

The Six Pillars of the NAR
C. Peter Wagner presents the six pillars of the New Apostolic Reformation here, and you can see a a response to each in the "Dominionism" secion in the right hand column on the site map..
  1 - Apostolic Governance
2 - Office of Prophet
3 - Dominionism
4 - A Theocracy
5 - Extra-Biblical Revelation
6 - Supernatural Signs and Wonders

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