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May 11, 2012, Rev. June 20

Response to Questions and Challenges

This is in response to some questions and challenges that have come to me.

June 20, 2012
Regarding the appropriateness of my running an ad and raising this issue at this time:


The most common theme through what I have written and posted on is the richness of life that is available to us through Jesus, and the need for revival among American Christians. I use a lot of space to define the need for that and to describe what it would look like, and much less space on addressing the two main challengers to Biblical revival, i.e. blind patriotism and Dominion agenda. Overall, my agenda is positive, not negative.


I am not contending with what I have heard my pastor say publically or privately. I believe that he advocates the Biblical revival that I advance, and shares my concerns about Dominionism. I support the approach to godliness that I have heard from him.


I do understand how my position is a threat to those who embrace Dominionism and its signs, wonders, miracles and prophecy, and who would like to influence our community in that direction


Many in our community are naïve (uninformed and thus vulnerable) about Dominionist agenda. It sounds so good, and people are hungry - - and they are easily deceived.


The number of Christians who are already committed to Dominionism; and involved in Modern Day Seers (or “Mystics”); and the depth of their loyalty there; and the seriousness of those false doctrines; and the ease of sliding from Deliverance Ministry into Dominionist agenda and then into MDS with its mystical and paranormal activity, is scary, and very real.


It is better for people to approach these things with their eyes open, and with discernment, than to be naïve - - and then once blinded to Truth, be in a place where it is very hard to turn back.


I am not aware of anyone else in our community who is warning about these matters – and I refuse to be named among the silent masses.

"What would you say, Ken, if a very significant healing did actually seem to take place in the kind of revivals that you are concerned about??
There is much that none of us can define in an absolute way, but there are some things that we can accept as principles, as godly wisdom, and/or as sound doctrine, and we can work from there.

I would not start by assuming that it is, or is not, a legitimate healing by the power of God.


The overall context of the event would be important to me. Is our wholeness presented as coming through surrender to the rule of God, or by simply “claiming” a certain blessing?


Did the healing came through a powerful man, or through a weak man who served a powerful God?


Did the healing follow discerning prayer about God’s will in this situation?


Is the healing represented as an act of God’s grace and part of His plan for this person’s life, or as the norm and something every Christian has a right to expect?


If the “healer” is represented to have “the gift of healing,” did he/she actively move in harmony with the other spiritual gifts of I Corinthians 12, or did they operate as a “Lone Ranger”?


Was the confession of James 5:16 (see vv14-16) presented as a possible prerequisite to healing?


As people think back over the event, are they most “wowed” by God, or by the “healer”?

Sola Scriptura

In the May 11, 2012 revision of the section on “The New Apostolic Reformation,” I have added comments on the historic Biblical doctrine of “Scripture Alone” as the basis for Christian faith and practice. Dominionism’s violation of “Scripture Alone” is probably the most convincing evidence of its overall error. It moves one from the Rock, to sand, and the outcome is predictable.

Good People
Many of the persons in our community who I take issue with on deliverance, Dominionism and so forth, are among the most sincere and passionate people I know. They are willing to place their reputations at risk for what they believe is right, and at least some would willingly die for that. I honor them for that and have always been personally challenged and stimulated when I have chatted with them. I don’t place judgment upon their hearts or their motives, but I believe deeply that they are pursuing false doctrine which places them and those they influence at risk before God.

Some Helpful Insights
I know that some helpful insights have come through persons in the Dominionist camp. Certainly there is some “wheat” in the “chaff” of Dominionism. However, there is no true Biblical “knowledge” today that cannot be found in the writings of men and women of a century or two ago. Oswald Chambers, R. A. Torrey, Andrew Murray and others joined Jesus in “Take up your cross daily and follow me,” and Paul in “I preach Christ and Him crucified,” and would have rejected the Dominionist teaching.

Their teaching is based on sound and trustworthy doctrine in a way that the seemingly “spiritual” teachers of today know little about. If you want to be challenged in your inner man, and draw closer to God, read Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest” for a year and see what it does to you! Few men have understood God, man, and how the two get together as He does, but he is brutally unsympathetic toward the self-love of human brokenness. Few enthusiastic Dominionists are spiritually mature enough to glean the richness of his writing in their first year through “My Utmost.”

Who Brings Disunity and Division?
I am accused of creating disunity and division. My response is that those who have brought false doctrine into the Church are the ones creating disunity. Their teachings are not harmonious with scriptures and with historic Christian doctrine and practice.

Healing Rooms
I honor those who give themselves to the well-being of others. I would affirm a healing ministry that was simply connected to life in the Body of Christ through serving one another, and the application of the spiritual gifts, - - in a way that declared Jesus “Lord,” and sufficient, and our Healer in physical sickness and health - - without the Dominionist undergirding.

Our spiritual man is the only part of us that is eternal. Jesus didn’t pay the penalty for the sins of the world so that we could be physically whole in our few years on earth. He did it so that we could be spiritually whole, now and for eternity. A wonderful truth though, is that when we are spiritually whole it affects every aspect of our life including our emotions and our bodies.

Further, our passion for godliness and for the purposes of God to be fulfilled through us, must be greater than our passion for physical health. The wholeness that Jesus “paid for” is not contingent upon wholeness of body.

My observation is that those who declare that physical health while on earth is part of our provision through Jesus, are in actuality no more healthy than the rest of us. There is something about that which raises questions about the validity of their position, for Christians in general and especially for outsiders who watch what is going on. People of the world sometimes know what is real and what isn’t, better than many Christians do.

Further, the misuse of Isa. 53:4-5 and I Peter 2:24, with an inappropriate emphasis on physical healing, easily leads to diminishing the spiritual healing that is actually there. (See “By His Stripes I Am Healed”)

Truth does not easily bring confusion to those who have the mind of Christ,

but error can.

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