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Here's where I'm building a list of resources and information on Howard DGA aircraft. I welcome your comments, additions, and corrections to, or see Contact.

  Basic Howard model info  
  DGA-3, Pete, NR2Y, low wing, 90-hp Wright-Gipsy engine, one built  
  DGA-4, Ike (NR56Y) and Mike (NR55Y), two built, 160-hp Menasco  
  DGA-6, Mr. Mulligan, NR273Y, one built, plus two post war replicas  
  DGA-7, X14835, Mr. Flanigan, Wright R975, 420-hp Wright, one built, converted to prototype DGA-8 with 320-hp R760  
  DGA-8, 11-built, three to the CAA - FAA TC 612x xxx x - USAAF UC-70C  
  DGA-9, 285-hp Jacobs L-5 engine, FAA TC 645xxxxx - USAAF UC-70D  
  DGA-11, 450-hp P&W R-985 engine, FAA TC 672  
  DGA-12, 300-hp Jacobs L-6 engine, FAA TC 645xxxx - USAAF UC-70A  
  DGA-15, DGA-15J, 15P, 15W xxx - FAA TC A-717,
xxx - DGA-15J, 330-hp Jacobs L-6MB engine xxxxxxxx - USAAF UC-70B
xxx - DGA-15P, 450-hp P&W R-985
xxxxxx - UC-70, USAAF commandeered aircraft for general utility
xxxxxx - Navy GH-1 and GH-3, general utility
xxxxxx - Navy GH-2 Nightingale ambulance version
xxxxxx - Navy NH-1 Instrument and navigation trainer xx
xxx - DGA-15W, 350-hp Wright R-760
  DGA-18, low wing, 125-hp Warner xxx - FAA TC 739  
  DGA-18K, same, 160-HP Kinner  
  Brief summary of Howard type certificates, here:x


Ken Stoltzfus' Howard DGA c/n database
xxxxHTM, no gridlines xxxxx PDF, with gridlinesx


This was an extensive and expensive project but once I got started I couldn't stop. Here's what I did to put it together.
  1) Went through my 1963 FAA Civil Aircraft Register, 1227 pages, 90 lines per page, picking out the Howards  
  2) Checked the Nov. '80 register, on fische, which has aircraft by make and model  
  3) Went through the FAA register, on line, Dec. '09. I found many aircraft there that had been deregistered long ago, even in the 1940's. Some are registered by their USN SN, so I show them both by their CN and SN.  
  4) Bought the FAA files for 75 Howards, some on CD and some on paper, in an effort to correlate factory construction numbers with military serial numbers.  
  5) Worked through all of Joe Baugher's info on USAAF and USN Howards. See Baugher's info here: Navy GH series, Navy NH series, USAAF UC-70 series  
  6) Pulled info from the FAA specs (see links to specs, above)  
  7) Went through registration list and basic Howard info  
  8) Got FAA Howards from  
  9) Navy NH-1 accident info at  


Old Magazine Articles
I make no representation as to the accuracy of these articles. These are in PDF format, Adobe Reader is required. Enjoy!

  Sport Flying Magazine, Aug. 1967 (not April, as the label says)
  Sport Flying Magazine, Oct. 1967
  Plane & Pilot Magazine, April 1971

  Howard Airfoils

Copied 12/23/09 from:

    Wing Root Airfoil Wing Tip Airfoil
  Howard DGA-3, Pete NACA M-6  NACA M-6
  Howard DGA-4, Mike NACA M-6  NACA M-6
  Howard DGA-5, Ike  NACA M-6 NACA M-6
  Howard DGA-6 Mister Mulligan NACA 2412 NACA 2412
  Howard DGA-8 NACA 2R2 12 NACA 2R2 12
  Howard DGA-9 NACA 2R2 12 NACA 2R2 12
  Howard DGA-11  NACA 2R2 12 NACA 2R2 12
  Howard DGA-12 NACA 2R2 12  NACA 2R2 12
  Howard DGA-15  NACA 2R2 12    NACA 2R2 12
  Howard DGA-18  NACA M-6  NACA M-6

Howard Aircraft Foundation, Howard Club
The Howard Aircraft Foundation, commonly called the "Howard Club," is an organization of individuals dedicated to the ownership, restoration, preservation, and flying of "Damn Good Airplanes" that were originally designed by Benjamin O. Howard, and manufactured by Howard Aircraft Corporation during the late 1930s and early 1940s.
Lots of interesting info, Howard brochure and more., page on Howards is a fantastic site for info on lots of old aircraft.
Says that New Zealand military operated one Howard DGA-15P Nightingale
Says Mexican Airforce operated one DGA-8

Howard DGA-15-P #NC67765 crashed on Mount McDill's south slope in the Sierra Pelona Mountains near Palmdale, CA in April 1951. Four people died in this weather related accident. What was the c/n on NC67765? I'm not sure of the significance of the Howard photo at the top of the page. Any ideas? See this site also.

Info on c/n 535, NC22436, ZK-AHP

For the page on some civilian and U.S. Navy NH-1 Howard accidents, click here.
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