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Come to Me
#4 in a series, written Nov. 29, 1979



Now is the time, says the Lord, when the eyes of the people shall be lifted up unto Me. You shall no longer look to and fro across the earth seeing the works of men and declaring the wonders he performs.

For so long you have seen only man in the events of the earth. It is man whom you have proclaimed as mighty. To man you have given credit for all the benefits of modern science and technology.

You have lauded the mind of man. You have praised him. You have even come to the place where, as you look to the future and as you consider the ills and problems of your earth and your own society, you have considered how man himself might solve these problems.

But I say to you, My children, you do well now to repent and to turn your eyes to Me. You do well to say "My answers lie not in man, but in my God." You do well to realize that the vanity of your confidence in man will soon be proven, and that which you have come to trust in will soon crumble.

It is not long, My children, until only those who trust in Me will stand. Fear, worry and defeat will drag down and crush all who trust in anything but Me. I am the Rock which is not shaken.

I am your Security. I am your Strength, your Hope, your Provision in every need. Though all around you should crumple and fall, all who trust in Me and walk in My ways will stand.

And I say to you, your standing is not for your sake alone! Your standing is a witness and a light to those yet in the dark. Many will come to know Me as you stand, for they will know it is I who have enabled you to stand. And in your standing, and in their standing, I will have glory!

Will you, my children – will you turn to Me and forsake all else that you trust in? Will you lay aside all other gods, giving to Me the place in your heart which you have been giving to man – to his sciences, technologies and doctrines? Will you forsake – will you flee from all that you have trusted in and look to Me alone?

If you will, you can picture yourself standing firm and unharmed in the midst of destruction and rubble. If you will not, you will simply become part of the rubble.

These things which I say to you are not new things. I say today what I said to you through the men of old. But you have forgotten and you must be reminded. Some will hear and will stand firm. Others will ignore My word and will crumple as the ungodly.

Now is the time to decide. Choice, with its eternal destiny, is in your hands. You may say, "But I will wait until destruction is here, to abandon all and follow God with my whole heart." But I say to you, destruction is already upon you. It is creeping into your society. It is spreading upon the earth as a fog. Many will wait, and when they awaken to the realization of the destruction of all they trust in, they will be weak and fear will grip their hearts and they will hardly be able to come to Me.

I say to you again, now is the time to decide. While it is yet day, and while light is with you, come to Me, for the darkness and the night are approaching.

Rev. 3:13


This is #4 in the series "Prophetic, 9-11," and is one of many short pieces that can be found at

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