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Waco YKS-6 Aircraft Project For Sale
1936 Waco YKS-6 N16236, sn 4457

This 1936 Waco YKS-6, VKS-6 cabin project includes most of the airframe parts except the main cabin door, the instruments, and the wings and ailerons, but the wing struts and fuel tanks are included. Neither the engine or prop are there but the engine mount (integral with fuselage), oil tank and cowling are.


Per the Factory Sales Sheet, the aircraft was delivered on June 15, 1936 as a YKS. In 1946 it was converted from the Jacobs L-4 to a Continental W-670 and was identified as a VKS-6, which is what the FAA calls it now. It was owned by the late Doc Yeager who was having it converted back to the Jacobs and we're not sure which engine mount is on it now.


It was originally NC16236 but in 1947 it became N4676T, and later reverted back to N16236.


We have the original log books. There were apparently several periods of time when the aircraft wasn’t flown. It appears to have been last recovered in 1971, at 1160-TTAF, and the last annual was in July, 1985 at 1413-hours TTAF. You can see the FAA Airworthiness and Registration history files below.


Among other things, 337’s show that in 1957 they installed a UPF-7 tail wheel (10:00) and lock, and in 1971 they installed PT-19 brake pedals and mechanism.


Aircraft history is well documented, with a 3-ring binder of original 337’s and other paperwork in page protectors.

FAA Historical Files (PDFs) - Registration - - Airworthiness
Project includes many prints/drawings that Doc Yeager had purchased, and a list of factory prints that we got from John Eney.

Present owner is not a Waco expert and is not able to critique the several modifications to the aircraft. It is important that a prospective buyer inspect the project to make your own determination as to completeness, general condition and potential airworthiness. This project is sold as-is, where-is with no warranty as to present or potential airworthiness. It appears to us to be a clean airframe for restoration but that determination rests entirely with the buyer.

Please call me at 330-464-5817 or email to for more details on the project. I am listing this for a friend and it is located at Bridgewater, VA where you may inspect it by appointment. I will give you the contact info when you call or email me.
“Damage history?” Why of course it has damage history - it’s a 1936 Waco and 337’s indicate that it has been on its back more than once.
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Asking $14,995 or best offer
Available for your inspection at
Bridgewater Airpark, Bridgewater, VA, and sold as-is, where-is.
Contact:: Ken Stoltzfus
Contact me for info on the project,
and I will give you info on who to contact to inspect it in VA
Call: 330-464-5817
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