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The 2020 Series
Resources for living well in difficult times in America

Last modified: Jan 9, 2021

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I fully anticipate that if plans for Jan. 20 continue as now assumed by many, that it won’t be long before Christian-based web sites like this which proclaim the exclusivity of our Lord God and His son Jesus Christ, and which affirm the moral and social values of the scriptures, will be considered hate speech and will be blocked or taken down. I encourage you to avail yourself of such resources, here and elsewhere, while there is still time. 
Main Page
Most of these can be read online, and/or read, downloaded or printed as pdf's or WORD docs, but It is easier to follow links on pdf's then on WORD documents.
Words from the Scriptures for Our Day
OPINIONS - My Recent Facebook posts
Almost-daily Facebook posts on our Day; what is likely to come; and how to respond.
Preparing for Hard Times
Some reasonable steps for God's people to take at this time.
A Prayer of the Saints
An humble step for a serious time.
Retreat to the Battlefront
Which of two possible battlefronts are we most engaged in?
Brief Thoughts on This Topic
Things that have come to me along the way
The Cosmic Battle and the American Christian
A relevant, free ebook. Check the Table of Contents in Part 1 for a topic of interest.
Zoe - Eternal Life Today, Tomorrow, Forever
What "eternal life" means and how it affects us in hard times.
Two Kingdoms
Does our identity as an American or as a Christian influence us the most?
"If you would be my disciples - -", A Study on Luke 9:23-26
The only mindset that will enable faithfulness in hard times.
WORD Document - - or PDF
Prophetic, 9-11
Several prophetic "words" have come to me over the years in my quiet times.
They are always to be judged by the WORD and discerned by the Spirit within you.
Go to the Inspiration Site Map and scroll down the center column to see them listed
Possible Discussion Questions
We need to be talking with each. Here's some possible starters.
Assumptions and Culture of Healthy Discussions
Read, download and/or print as a PDF or WORD document
On the devotional books by Sarah Young
Many articles and several free Bible studies on Christian living, on the Inspiration Site Map Thousands of aircraft photos and tons of information on the Aviation Site Map
FACEBOOK: Ken Stoltzfus - Kidron
Follow my almost-daily postings on topics relevant to our day
A Point to Ponder

Here’s a thought. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by viewing American and world events as a wake-up call. If Christian-Americans were to take this to heart, the resultant repentance and new Life would make us more like the people God always intended us to be. This would empower us to stand firm and to serve Him effectively through difficulties, and might extend the time of His favor upon America. If such difficulties are only imagined by some (like me), we would have become a more authentic and vibrant Church and would have enjoyed God in an incredibly richer way. Regardless, we win. And regardless, it would be another proof that all things, even evil, ultimately serve the Lord our God! - Isaiah 46:9-10 - II Peter 3:8-9

Using Resources from
You may use any article or workbook on this web site, free and without asking further permission, and may revise and/or translate it to suit your purposes.
*Copying and saving WORD documents - My WORD documents are "locked" so they don't lose their formatting when you open them. Here's how to save and copy them if you want to "unlock" them and revise or translate them for your own use.

Open a blank page in WORD, and then open my document. To copy and save a portion, put your cursor on the top left corner of the desired text, and scroll down to the end of what you want, which will highlight the text.. Then do Ctrl+C (Hold down on Ctrl and C at the same time) to copy it. Now go to your blank WORD page and do Ctrl+V to paste it into your new document, after which you save it on your computer. You can save the entire document by placing the cursor anywhere on it, doing Ctrl+A to highlight it all, and then Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V as above. You will probably need to reformat the margins and so forth on your new page but the text will be there!

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