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The 15AC Sedan was Aeronca's only four-place model, and the last aircraft they built. They have a fabric covered, welded steel tubular fuselage and an all-metal wing without flaps. I would guess they are a very practical, lower-priced (relatively speaking) four-place aircraft.

Of the 561 Sedans built there are still 233 on the FAA Registry as 15AC and S15AC's, with 72 of them in Alaska! It seems like you see them "everywhere" up there - - some really nice and some that like they have been "rode hard and put away wet." Some are quite stock but many have been modified. Originally built with the 145-HP, Continental C-145; some now have the later O-300; many have a Lycoming O-360; and theres a Franklin from the Stinson Voyagers, or a Continental IO-346 from a Musketeer here and there.

The S15AC was factory built as a seaplane and according to FAA Aircraft Specification A-802 is the same except for float installation, larger elevator trim tab and reinforced fuselage. Most of the Sedan seaplanes were not built as an S15AC but have been converted to seaplane configuration under STC's and so forth.

Canadian Register. Here are the Canadian Sedans, going back to 1982. Some are current and some are deleted from the register. The latest action is at the top of each given serial number. Also, I have a 1971 Canadian register which shows 45 Sedans.

Aircraft are listed below in factory Construction Number sequence, not by tail numbers. Note that some aircraft have more than one photo. Click on the photos and the links. (All prints and slides are for sale)

  15AC-2 N1000H. I have two old 8x10's in my collection. The first was obviously used in a magazine (p.165, fig. 5-3) and has the note, "$4995.00 bare." I'll take one - - no, make that a dozen. The second is a factory photo. It is current in the FAA register.
Another oldie, on the east ramp at PAFA, Fairbanks International, AK. I first saw 1948 15AC-13, N1011H in 4/08 sitting out in the cold with some friends. It was there again when I stopped by on a much fairer day in 5/10 . It's quite stock-looking except for the seaplane door on the pilot's side and a bit larger tires.
N159, 15AC-43, waiting for an engine. It was originally N1040H. As I recall, the owner said it was an unexpected failure after he had spent a lot of time on the airframe and thought he was good to go. Stuff happens! It has the added seaplane door and a nice panel. Looking into where the rear seat would be you can see the extended baggage area. That piece of structural tubing there is kind of in the way but the baggage door is still a useful addition. At Birchwood Airport, PABV, AK, 5/12. I also saw it at Big Lake in 5/10. My 1971 Canadian register shows it as CF-WYF, imported in 1968.
Sedan 15AC-59, N1048H at Oshkosh in 2009. It looks the same as it did in this 1997 slide from my collection, which looks the same as the '92 and '94 slides.
I suspect that Aeronca Sedan 15AC-61 went to Canada when new, as CF-FNM. It went to England in 1960 to become G-AREX and is current on their register. Click here for a more recent photo. In my collection, from Will Blunt .
Sedan 15AC-89 N1070H tied down at Wolf Lake Airport near Palmer, AK, 4AK6, in 5/12. It is still Continental powered.
15AC-135 N1115H, a pretty '48 on the ramp at PAHO, Homer, AK, 4/11, with a Continental.
15AC-140 N1125H on skies 4/29/10 and on floats 5/9/10 at PALH Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK. It has the Lycoming O-360. What a beauty! (Click on photos)
  Elaine and I were running up to Fairbanks in 4/08 and dropped down to the Healy River Airport at Healy, AK, PAHV. There was this pretty Sedan, 15AC-145 N1132H, sitting all by itself. Lycoming O-360 engine.
N1156H, Aeronca Sedan 15AC-156, 'City of Yuma,' to promote the flying weather in Yuma, AZ. But what's the big deal - - isn't that just like what we have here in northeast Ohio? A 9/99 slide from my collection. Here's a recent press release on '156.
Sedan 15AC-172 N1159H as it looked at Oshkosh in 1975, and again in 1994 with a modified paint scheme and Scott tail gear. Nice! (Slides) It is
  Sedan N1183H, 15AC-194 on floats at 96WI, Oshkosh 2010.  
  Well, sometimes, as in this case, it just doesn't work out as we expected it to. N1187H, 5AC-200 at Anchorage for a little work, 5/10. FAA Probable Cause: "The pilot's delay in aborting the off-airport landing resulting in a hard landing." It probably lived to fly another day! It is Lycoming O-360 powered.

15AC-232, 1948 Aeronca Sedan N1220H, at Anchorage, AK in 2004. It has the 180-HP, O-360 Lycoming with a constant speed prop. Technically, N1220H is registered as an S15AC because it was probably delivered as a seaplane, but very few Sedans make that distinction. All the other seaplanes are simply registered at 15AC's. Note the seaplane door.

July 2004
April 2008
May 2010

15AC-246, 1948 Aeronca 15AC Sedan, N1234H, at PAFA, Fairbanks, AK,. This is one pretty Sedan! It has the O-360 Lycoming with a modified Scout cowl, doors on both sides and Edo 2000's. The owner said the Sedans are a bit "under-floated" with the 2000's, especially with a moose aboard, but in general it is a delightful seaplane. It's easy to remember the numbers on this Sedan. Registration is 1234, and serial 246! The second two show it high and dry and waiting for spring! (Click on photos)


15AC-247, 1948 Aeronca 15AC Sedan, N1235H at PAMR Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK in 7/04. It is quite original except for the naked landing gear legs, which is very common.

Aeronca Sedan N1246H,15AC-258, 1949, is sitting on the edge of Lake Hood at Anchorage, PALH, and will probably be on floats soon.
15AC-279 N1266H, a '49 at Homer AK, PAHO, 4/11. The Sedan's have an interesting tail gear setup. It almost looks like an afterthought. Reminds me of the "raised tail gear" that we put on Beech 18's "back then" for better ground handling and visibility! Owner Bill DeCreeft operates Kachemak Air Service, in Homer, AK. My wife Elaine has some cousins living in Homer and we have visited there several times. I hung around Bill's operation a lot in '04 and got a lot of shots of his Travel Air 6000B, which I hope to post on this site soon.
  15AC-284, N1271H, on the ramp at Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK 5/10
15AC-288, N1273H, Peruvian OBM-255, OB-LBE, served JAARS in Peru and Bolivia, 1950-62. See details on this plaque. It was rebuilt for display by Missionary Maintenance Services (now MMS Aviation) in Coshocton, OH, in the early 1980's, headed up by Jim Miller, long time JAARS mechanic and MMS founder. I was privileged to serve with MMS at the time. OB-LBE is now on display at the JAARS facility in Waxhaw, NC.
  Here's some more shots of LBE in Peru. Note the Grumman Duck behind on this one. The trim stripe on this one is different from the others but I've seen it on another shot that is LBE. I'll confirm that with friends at JAARS.
15AC-295 N1279H at Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK, 4/08. I saw it again in 5/12 with a "For Sale" banner on the prop.
15AC-296 N1280H, OBM-245, OB-LAY, CP-659, undergoing some serious work here, was the first Sedan to serve JAARS. You can see it here in Peru, still U.S. registered; the docked Sedan with a missionary father and child watching from the water; a dedication of the airplane; waiting, with a Grumman Duck behind it; and the typical refueling setup.

JAARS, formerly Jungle Aviation And Radio Service, is the technical services arm of the Wycliffe Bible Translator family of organizations. Originally focused on aviation and radio service in support of Bible translation, JAARS has expanded to include a much wider range of services including computers, land and water transportation and more.

I have been a friend of JAARS for 50 years. Several years ago Cal Hibbard, JAARS archivist and former personal secretary to Wycliffe/JAARS founder William Cameroon Townsend ("Uncle Cam"), sent me a bunch of photos and information on their Aeronca Sedan, PBY, Grumman Duck, Helio Courier and other aircraft that were used in the early days of missionary aviation in South America. Most of these shots were taken at Yarinacocha, near Pucallpa, Peru, in the 1950’s. I want to post the other aircraft too but for the present will only do the Sedans. I will be communicating with Cal or other friends at JAARS in Waxhaw to get further details.

  aeronca_sedan_skies_alaska I saw this pretty Sedan in 5/10 and 5/12 at Z41, Lake Hood Airstrip, Anchorage and at Willow, PAUO.. I'm not sure if it is for work or for play but it looks like fun either way. I believe it has an O-360 Lycoming. N1283H is 15AC-299.
  This 4/94 shot of Aeronca 15AC, N1287H, 15AC-303, at Lakeland FL (Slide)
  N1289H, 15AC-306 was seen at Oshkosh 1998. (Slide)  
  Rudderless N1293H, 15AC-311 was on the ramp at Orange, VA, 1/12. It looks "Alaskan" with it's seaplane door and bare gear legs.
N1301H, 15AC-325 was parked in this spot at Anchorage, AK in 5/11 and 5/12. The Lycoming powered Sedan went off the end of the runway near Palmer, AK, in 8/09.
15AC-34?, N1310H, OBM-277, OB-LBP served JAARS in Peru. I have some photos from them and am trying to get more information. I'm uncertain of the CN, but interpolating from my 1963 FAA register it would be in the low 340's. Here's the same photo with one of JAARS' PBY's anchored in the background; another at the shore, and finally, waiting for action. (See also cn 288, 296 and 451)
I saw 15AC-347, N1010H, at Oshkosh 2009. The N-number is totally out of sync with the construction number. In 1971 it was Canadian CF-HVC, imported in 1954, and I highly suspect that it was originally N1317H. N1010H was originally assigned to Sedan 15AC-12.
  N1319H, 15AC-349 is an S15AC. I saw it at PAUO, Willow, AK in 4/08 and again on the edge of Lake Hood in 5/12. It looks like it was recovered and a few mods were done. It has a 165-Franklin, like in a Stinson 108 Voyager.

aeronca at pann, nenana, ak

15AC-372, 1949 Aeronca 15AC Sedan N1332H, at PANN, Nenana, AK in 1/11. Nenana Municipal has three runways. There is 4L/22R, which is 4600x100' and paved; 4R/22L, a 2520x60 turf runway which is also used for skis; and 4W/22W, a 3601x100' water runway. We saw several aircraft on a large ramp, including this 15AC Sedan, and no hangars.
One of the nice things about Alaska is that if you go at different times of the year you get such different photos, i.e. wheels, skies, and floats. Here is '32H in a reflective moment in July 2004.
  1949 Aeronca Sedan N1337H, 15AC-377 was captured at Oshkosh 1997. Slide
I have this nice 8/00 slide of N1353H, 15AC-397 in flight. Probably a Chuck Stewart slide. And then I got two shots at Oshkosh 2010 from the front, and from the back showing the typical Sedan paint scheme - - at least on other than Alaska Sedans.
  1949 Aeronca Sedan N1354N, 15AC-398, seemed a lot happier in 5/11 and 5/12 than it did with that one-armed look in 4/11. It's home is Birchwood Airport, PABV, AK.
N1363H, 15AC-410 (an S15AC) all bundled up in 4/08 (click on photo) and then more ready for action in 4/10. Note the 10" wheels; extended cabin windows; and although the FAA says it has the C-145, it has an O-360. My notes say it is near Lake Hood but the photo looks more like Merrill Field. I'm not sure!
15AC-412 1949 Aeronca 15AC Sedan, N1364H, at PALH, Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK, 4/08. This is probably an earlier engine conversion, as not many people would have installed a 165-HP Franklin after the O-360 Lycoming was available. Still, some folks really like the Franklin, as used in the Stinson 108-series Voyagers, and it certainly boosted the Sedan's performance. Note the extended side windows on '64H. That does something for it. Elaine and me. She's so patient about all my photo taking!
Lycoming O-360 powered 15AC-419, N1370H waiting for spring thaw at PALH 4-08; watching the sun come up in 4/10; and ready for action in 5/12.
Aeronca Sedan G-CETC, 15AC-429, a 5/85 slide taken at Badminton in the UK. It went to England in 1983 and then to Ireland in 1993. It has been U.S. registered as N915TC since 8/99 but stayed in Ireland, I believe. Note the cool little wheel fenders! The Brits are very creative in the way they use their alphabetic registration system!
15AC-449, N1398H, with Lycoming O-360 on the edge of Lake Hood 5/12. (click on photo) I also saw it 5/10 on tundra tires and 4/11 on skies. Now that is versatility!
JAARS' 15AC-451 (?), N1400H. So far I only have the registration, but by Interpolating from my 1963 FAA register it would probably be 451. I'm getting more info from my friends at JAARS. See notes on my other JAARS' sedans.
15AC-458 Aeronca 15AC Sedan, N1407H at PAMR, Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK, 7/04. It is quite original except for the 10" wheels and larger tires. It even has fabric on the landing gears!
15AC-466 N1380H at BGQ, Big Lake, AK, 5/10. Very stock except for the 10" wheels. No seaplane door or fittings. It shouts "Bush!" and I'm sure it does that well.
Irish Aeronca Sedan EI-BKC, 15AC467 at Cranfield 6/83. Ex N1394H, cancelled and to Ireland 10/80 (Slide, Darrell Kight)
I saw this pretty Sedan, N1420H, 15AC-477, on the edge of Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK, in 4/08 and 4/11. It appears to have a Lycoming O-360. Note the square rear window.
  I saw 15AC-478 N1418H on the ramp at Wasilla AK, 5/10 and 5/12. It appears to be Lycoming powered.

N1425H, 15AC-488 on Lake Hood in 4/08. Note that the tie-down anchors are screwed into the ice. I also captured it in morning light on the edge of Lake Hood in 5/12 and on a very gray day in 7/04. It is Lycoming O-360 powered.

15AC-493 Aeronca 15AC Sedan N1430H at Z41, Lake Hood Airstrip, Anchorage, AK, 7/04. It has the pilot's door and a Lycoming O-360, 180HP, with constant speed prop. FAA info has it certificated in Restricted category - - but they still call my sons' beautifully restored 450-Stearman "Restricted" too and its most definitely not! .

1950 Aeronca Sedan N1436H 15AC-501, in 4/11. Dream on folks - - your very own little spot on the edge of a lake, with a hangar right there. It's on the west side, above Willow and before the turnoff to Talkeetna, about Milepost 75. This was a long shot with my Tamron 18-270, which I really like. I also have a shot of Sedan-Experimental N135AC parked in the same spot and for a long time I had the two confused.

  15AC-519, N1450H, basking in the sun on the ramp at PABV, Birchwood Airport, AK, 5/10. It has the Lycoming O-360, and note that the main wheel skies are off but the tail ski is still on.
  This Lycoming O-360 powered Sedan, 15AC-520, N1451H, was waiting for action at Wolf Lake, 4AK6, 5/12
15AC-521 Aeronca 15AC Sedan N1452H at PAMR, Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK 7/04. It is close to the end of the production of 561 aircraft. It has Patroller type doors, Clevelands, and something like 8:50x6 tires, but otherwise it hasn't been messed with too much. And no, that orange rod isn't holding the right wing up!
Aeronca Sedan N1455H, 15AC-525, on the edge of Lake Hood. It has a Lycoming O-360 and looked like a fresh rebuild and still waiting for the engine and prop in 4/08. I saw it again in 5/11 in the same spot, probably waiting for the floats to be put back on. That's quite a large ski on the right side, isn't it? :)
1951 15AC-545, N1477H with wing splates (spill plates), at Wasilla AK in 5/10. By 5/12 the tail gear needed some attention. It has the seaplane door but I don't see float fitting.
  1954 Aeronca 15AC-561, N1491H, 'the last one, at Oshkosh 1989. (Slide) Now, there's a N1492H out there, which might logically appear to be the next one, but it is cn 15AC-416, which was originally N1367H.
I saw this pretty "Experimental" ex-Sedan in 4/08 (click on photo), with these skies. Note the unique step on the landing gear. Then in 5/10 I saw it tucked into that neat little spot near Milepost 75 north where I then saw N1436H 15AC-501 (above) in 4/11. In 5/12 it was on the edge of Lake Hood. It's my guess that it has a 200-HP Lycoming IO-360 engine, which is probably why it is "Experimental."

There is an almost irresistible urge to try to connect N135AC, with Sedan 15AC-135 (N1115H above) and to speculate that N135AC was built up from it, i.e. that 15AC-135 became N135AC. The similarity in paint scheme is tantalizing too, but the dates on photos and aircraft registrations don't support such imagination!

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