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Here is some basic information on aircraft that are covered on this page.


Aeronca LA and LB Approved Feb. 24, 1936, approved under Aircraft Specification A-596

Two place, low wing, side by side
LA has 70-hp Rearwin LeBlond, 13 built (Aerofiles)
LB has 85 or 90-hp Rearwin LeBlond, 22 built (Aerofiles)
    - There are four LB's on the 12/11/12 FAA Register, but no LA's (scroll down)
    - Aerofiles says that the prototype LW with 42hp Aeronca L-113, was so underpowered it only made one short flight [NX14558].
Aeronca LC and LCS Approved July 25, 1936 under Aircraft Specification A-614
Two place, low wing, side by side, about 25 built (Aerofiles)
90-hp Warner Scarab Jr. engine
    - LCS is seaplane, only one done (Aerofiles)
There are nine LC's on the 12/11/12 FAA register but no LCS
Interesting notes in FAA Aircraft Specifications. "Aircraft may also be approved with:"

Conventional or differential aileron control with cable and push-pull tube control systems

    b Flap operating mechanism including automobile window type lift.

Brake operating mechanism, including pedals, located between the rudder pedals and
interconnected to a hand lever at the upper left side of the cabin.


I will post other models when I have photos.

All of the slides and photos are for sale, along with thousands more on aircraft of all kinds. Please inquire.
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Aeronca LC
1936 Aeronca LC N17425, serial number 2054, as seen at EAA Oshkosh 1977 (slide)
Aeronca LC N17442, 2056 at WHP Whiteman Airport, Los Angeles, CA in 8/98, and then in flight in 9/98. We don't see these very often so I put all three on to show different angles. The two Chuck Stewarts, i.e. father and son, have done a lot of aircraft slides including air-to-air and I feel privileged to have many of their photos in my collection. (Charles E. Stewart slides)
1937 Aeronca LC N17484, 2060, at MWO Middletown Regional Airport (Hook Field), Middletown, OH, 6/86 (slide, AirPix, Marion Pyles)

This old 8x10 is in my collection and maybe someone can help us identify it. The name on the truck door is "J_l___ Electric." Maybe Julian Electric although the second letter could also be an "a." Any help?




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