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Postwar Aeronca Chief Aircraft

  Aeronca 11AC, S11AC, 11BC, S11BC Chief approved under TCDS A-761
  - 11AC has A-65 Continental, elibible sn are 11AC-1 and up
  - 11BC has C-85-8 Continental (no electrical system), eligible sn are11BC-1 and up
  - S11AC and S11BC have float provisions
  - Landplanes are #1250 gross weight, seaplanes are #1350 when on floats
  - 11AC can be converted to 11BC
Aeronca 11CC, S11CC Super Chief
approved under TCDS A-796
  - 11CC has C-85-8 Continental (no electrical system); eligible sn are 11CC-1 and up; #1350 gross.
  - S11CC has float provisions, #1400 gross

Postwar Chiefs are posted by model and serial number

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Aeronca 11AC, S11AC Chief pictures and information
The 11AC's were built with a Continental A-65-8 engine
I saw 1946 Aeronca 11AC Chief N85805, 11AC-217, at the "Tubing, Fabric and Tailwheel" flyin at 64I, Lee Bottom Airport, Hanover, IN in 9/10. I'd be pleased to say it was mine!
G-BJEV is Aeronca 11AC Chief 11AC-270, ex N85897, at seen at Badminton 4/84. I'm not sure of the significance of this paint scheme but I'd say it is one of a kind! It was first registered in the UK in 1981 and has had several owners. You can search the British register from here. As of 12/7/12 there are 16 Aeronca 11AC Chief's registered in England. (slide)
  1947 Aeronca 11AC Chief N85888, 11AC-293 was also at the fly-in at 64I, Lee Bottom Airport, Hanover, IN in 9/10. (Along with N85805 above) aeronca_chief_photo


Aeronca 11AC Chief G-AKVN, 11AC-469, ex N3742B, went to the UK in 1989. (slide) - - ->

<- - - Aeronca 11AC Chief N86060, 11AC-481 was waiting for me to stop by at Wasilla AK 5/10

Aeronca 11AC Chief, 11AC-513 N86090 on floats at Lake Hood ANC AK 5/10, and on wheels in 4/11. Note the VG's, squared off wing tips and dorsal fin. I'd bet fun money to marbles that it has at least a C-85 on it.
Here's a 7/93 shot of Aeronca 11AC Chief G-BRFJ, 11AC-796, ex N9163E, which went ot the UK in 1989. The exchange rate must have been favorable to the British Pound because many light aircraft went over around that time. (slide)
In 5/10 I saw Aeronca 11AC N9287D 11AC-924 (right), with float fittings at Birchwood Airport, AK, and 11AC-938, N9300E (left), at Mcgahan Industrial Airpark, AK73, Nikiski, AK Probably neither of them have the A-65.
Aeronca 11AC Chief N9333E, 11AC-972, was waiting patiently in the snow at AK28, Chena Marina Airport, Fairbanks, in 4/08. I need about a month in Alaska in June and July, to get these airplanes in action in the water.
British registered Aeronca 11AC Chief G-IVOR, 11AC-1035, ex Irish EI-BKB and U.S. N9397E, as seen in 8/84. The first British owners name was Ivor Edward Dadswell, which explains the registration! To Ireland in 1981 I think, and then to England. (slide)

<- - - Aeronca 11AC Chief, N9428E, 11AC-1066, as seen at EAA Oshkosh 1972! Pretty! (slide)

British G-BRWR, 11AC-1319, ex N9676E, at White Waltham in 7/92. U.S. registration canx in 1989. - - > More photos here (scroll down, click on links) (slide)

  British Aeronca 11AC Chief G-BPRA, 11AC-1344, ex N9702E, at Wroughton, 7-93. To the UK in late 1988 (slide)
  Aeronca 11AC Chief N9707E, 11AC-1351, at EAA Oshkosh 1980 (slide)
  Aeronca 11AC Chief N9756E, 11AC-1402 at EAA Oshkosh 1997 (slide)
  Aeronca 11AC Chief N9820E, 11AC-1469, at EAA Oshkosh 1975 (slide)
  Aeronca 11AC Chief N3154E, 11AC-1499, at EAA Oshkosh 1975 (slide)
Aeronca 11BC Chief G-BUTF, 11AC-1578, ex N3231E, at North Weald 3/05. To U.K. in 1993. (slide) This is an 11AC converted to an 11BC. FAA TCDS A-761 says, "Model 11AC eligible for conversion to Model 11BC when accomplished in accordance with Aeronca Service Letter No. 17. The nameplate must be re-stamped with the proper model designation and the letters "CONV" added. The airplane serial number should not be changed."

(left) French Aeronca 11AC Chief F-PACF, 11AC-1602, at La Ferte Alais, 6/06, ex Belgian OO-TWT. (slide)

(right) Belgian Aeronca 11AC Chief OO-LEM, 11AC-1607, at Schaffen 8/89 A 1961 photos is posted here. Ex Netherlands PH-BOZ (slide)

french_aeronca_chief_airplane belgian_aeronca_chief_airplane
Aeronca 11AC Chief G-BRXL, 11AC-1629, ex N3254E, 6/90 photo. Later painted to represent an Aeronca 65-CA Chief that was impressed by the USAAF to become L-3F sn 42-78044. See photo links at the bottom of this page on the British register. U.S. registration was cancelled in 10/89. (slide)

Aeronca 11AC Chief G-BUAB, 11AC-1759, ex N3458E, 7/93 photo. FAA canx 1/92. (slide) - - - ->

<- - - - Aeronca 11AC Chief N3469E, 11AC-1764 at 64I, Lee Bottom Airport, Hanover, IN in 9/10

I saw Aeronca 11AC Chief N3536E, 11AC-1795, sitting in the snow at AK28 Chena Marina Airport, near Fairbanks, AK in 4/08. It has a C-90 Continental. I saw it again in 5/10 at the same airport but sans snow. Note the extra fins on the stabilizer, for seaplane operation. Some have them and other's don't.
  Aeronca 11AC Chief N3565E, 11AC-1808, as seen at EAA Oshkosh 1994
Aeronca 11AC Chief N3604E, 11AC-1820, with a C-85, at AK28 Chena Marina Airport, Fairbanks, AK in 5/10. Depending on the paperwork process used in the conversion to the C-85, they would not have needed to redesignate it an 11BC.


?? Aeronca 11AC Chiefs with an "S" in the serial number ??
These were built with the A-65 engine

There is a series of 1947 11AC Chiefs with an "S" in the serial number, as in "11AC-S-7" below. I understand from that 1862 11AC Chief's were built. My '63 FAA register shows that N3720E is 11AC-1862, which is at the end of a numerical sequence leading up to that.

After that is a series of "11AC-S-xx" aircraft. N3729E is 11AC-S-15, but then 11AC-S-1 is N3746E; 11AC-S-2 is N3751E and on up. The highest one I see in the '63 Register is 11AC-S-100, N3913E, which is also the highest number in the current FAA info..

Of the nine S11AC's in the FAA database, four have an 11AC-S-xx serial number and five the regular 11AC series. I went through all of the 11AC's in the database and most of those with an 11AC-S-xx serial number are simply a model 11AC. I see no correlation between the model S11AC and the serials 11AC-S-xx.

There is both an 11AC-100 and an 11AC-S-100, which confirms that they are two different serial number series. So, for now I'll list those with an "S" in the serial number here, following those with the plain 11AC serial numbers,and will try to learn more. Who can help me with that?

I caught this pretty little 1947 Aeronca 11AC Chief, N3769E, 11AC-S-7, just after landing at the June 2006 Waco fly-in at 6G4 Wynkoop Airport, Mount Vernon, OH
  aeronca_chief_airplane_picture chuck_stewart_aircraft_slide

(left) Aeronca 11AC Chief N3822E,11AC-S-37, at EAA Oshkosh 1980. (slide, click on photos)

(right) S11AC N3844X, ex N3844E is serial number 11AC-S-52. Chuck Stewart got this shot in 6/00, probably on the west coast. (slide)

  Aeronca 11AC Chief N3886E, 11AC-S-80, at EAA Oshkosh 1980
Aeronca 11BC, S11BC Chief pictures and information
The 11BC was built with a C-85-8 engine
  aeronca_11bc_chief_airplane picture
Aeronca 11BC Chief N3946E,11BC-27, at AK28 Chena Marina Airport, Fairbanks, AK 11/04. I've seen it elsewhere since then. Note the splates (spill plates) on the wings!
Aeronca 11BC Chief N3988E, 11BC-76, on floats at EAA Oshkosh 1995. The registration was cancelled in 11/08.
Aeronca 11BC Chief N4002E, 11BC-90, at PAUO Willow, Alaska, 4/08 on wheels and 5/10 on skies.
Aeronca 11CC, S11CC Super Chief pictures and information
The 11CC was built with a C-85-8 engine
  aeronca_11cc_super_chief_picture Aeronca 11CC Super Chief N4111E, 11CC-21, at BGQ Big Lake Airport, Big Lake, AK 4/08 Note the see-through doors.
1947 Aeronca 11CC Super Chief N4128E, 11CC-37 64I, Lee Bottom Airport, Hanover, IN, 5/10.
  aeronca_11cc_super_chief_aircraft_photo Aeronca 11CC Super Chief N4150E, 11CC-57 at Wasilla, AK 5/10
  1948 Aeronca 11CC Super Chief N4333E, 11CC-186, at EAA Oshkosh 1994

Aeronca 11CC Super Chief G-BTRI, 11CC-246, ex N4540E, to UK in 1991, and shown on the right in 7/93 in a new paint scheme.


I first saw Aeronca 11CC Super Chief N4553E, 11CC-252 at Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK in 4/08 and got this evening shot. I saw it again in 4/08 on skies, and then again in 5/10 on wheels. It was there in 5/12 but I figured I already had enough shots of it!
  And finally for now, Aeronca 11CC Super Chief G-BJNY, 11CC-264, ex CN-TYZ (Morocco), and French F-OAEE (1950-58), at Bourn in 7/82. To UK in 1981
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