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Civilian & Army

50-TC, 65-TC (Army L-3J), YO-58 (Army L-3), 60-TF, 65-TF, 50-TL,
65-TL, 65-TAC (Army L-3E), 65-TAF (Army L-3D), 65-TAL
O-58A (Army L-3A), O-58B (Army L-3B, L-3C), SO-58B aircraft


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Here is some basic information on aircraft that are covered on this page.


Aeronca Tandem 50-TC, 65-TC (Army L-3J), YO-58 (Army L-3), 60-TF, 65-TF, 50-TL, 65-TL, 65-TAC (Army L-3E), 65-TAF (Army L-3D), 65-TAL aircraft are approved under Aircraft Specification A-728

Basically, the number, i.e. 50, 65 and etc. indicates the horsepower
The second letter indicates the engine manufacturer, i.e. "C" for Continental, "L" for Lycoming
and "F" for Franklin
    - Joe Baugher, on Aeronca L-3's here

Aeronca Tandem O-58A (Army L-3A), O-58B (Army L-3B, L-3C), SO-58B aircraft are approved under Aircraft Specification A-751


There are many variations in this series, and many aircraft have been converted from one engine to another (mostly from Franklin or Lycoming to Continental) meaning that the model number is not always accurate.

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Aeronca Tandem 50-TC, 65-TC (Army L-3J), YO-58 (Army L-3), 60-TF, 65-TF, 50-TL,
65-TL, 65-TAC (Army L-3E), 65-TAF (Army L-3D), 65-TAL aircraft

The first group of aircraft here do not have a balanced rudder.
1940 Aeronca 60-TF N27325, serial number F1380T, as seen 8/06 at BKB Blakesburg, IA. Built with a 4AC-150-A Franklin, it now has a Continental, probably an A-65. 1977 and current FAA give sn as F1380T, 1963 FAA and Aircraft Specification A-728 don't have the "F." (Charles E. "Chuck" Stewart slide)
A nice 6/99 air-to-air shot of Aeronca 65-TL, N31432, L5290T. It still has the Lycoming on it. (A Chuck Stewart slide)
Lycoming powered 1940 Aeronca 65-TL N31710, L5890T, at EAA Oshkosh 1977. (slide)
  aeronca_65-tc_airplane picture Aeronca 65-TC, N31751, L6300T, at EAA Oshkosh 1974. (slide)
Aeronca 65-TL - N31373, 7070T, "73" at Harlingen, TX 10/80. I don't believe there were any military versions of the 65-TL, so this is simply a military style paint job. The TL was built with a Lycoming O-145 engine but this one now has an A-65 Continental. (slide)
N33782, a 1941 Aeronca 65-TL, L9341T, at the 2007 Waco fly-in at 1WF, Troy, OH. It now has the A-65 Continental engine. They have a rather narrow fuselage, and the 65-TAC is 4" wider. An Aeronca logo.
Aeronca TL, N3446D L10071T on skies at PABV Birchwood, AK 4/08. It was (obviously!) snowing and I couldn't get a good shot but here it is. Not sure what model, the FAA simply calls it a TL, and it is certificated Experimental. The SN is most like a 65-TL but it now has a Continental on it.

The rest of the aircraft in this group do have a balanced rudder.
The 65-TAC fuselage is 4" wider than earlier models.

Aeronca 65-TAC, Army L-3E G-BIHW, at Biggin Hill, England, 5/82. Aeronca sn C1221TA, ex N36683, it was UK registered 1980-91. It is shown as Army serial 42-7767, but that was a Ford built B-24 Liberator that was lost over Germany April 8, 1944 (Baugher) Maybe there was a family connection there. (slide)
1940 Aeronca L-3 Grasshopper, 60-TF N29189, serial number 2510T, in 4/92. It is marked as L-3C 42-459 and on the tail FA 4259. Baugher says that 42-456 to 42-459 were L-3's, with no letter following. (slide)
1942 Aeronca L-3B Grasshopper 42-14773, 65-TAC N4209K, Pella Belle, 8/06 at Blakesburg, IA. Here's a closeup of the cockpit area. It is FAA registered under the military serial number. They say, "Use manufacturer's serial number, if available" and otherwise the military number is acceptable. (Charles E. "Chuck" Stewart slide)
  1941 Aeronca 65-TAC N39317, C2801TA, at EAA Oshkosh 1997. (slide) aeronca_65-tac_airplane picture
Aeronca 65-TAC, N39596, C5603TA, at EAA Oshkosh 1994. The C5603TA on the vertical fin is the Aeronca serial number, not military. It would have been an L-3E but I don't know the Army serial. They are typically on the bill of sale from the military to the first civilian owner, and that is nearly always in the FAA file which can be purchased.
  Aeronca 65-TC, L-3J Grasshopper N29473, sn 4450T was seen at EAA Oshkosh 1992. (slide)

Aeronca Tandem O-58A (Army L-3A), O-58B (Army L-3B, L-3C), SO-58B aircraft

All have a balanced rudder

Aeronca O-58B, L-3B Grasshopper N48954, O58B1562, as seen in 12/66 in California. Luscombe 8F N1452B, sn 6079, is in my 1970 FAA register but not in the 1976 or later. The 1955-ish Ford pickup behind the Aeronca has probably been recycled countless times since this 1966 photo and might even be part of the car you are now driving. (slide)
Aeronca O-58, L-3B Grasshopper N52169, O58B1782, at EAA Oshkosh 1972. It is Army sn 42-26152 and has since been restored to military configuration. (slide)
  aeronca_O-58_harlingen_tx Aeronca O-58B Grasshopper, N57714, 058B8553, 31925, Army 43-1925, probably an L-3C at Harlingen, 10/80. (slide)
Aeronca O-58B, L-3B Grasshopper N35BB, sn 058B9383, at the Waco fly-in at 1WF Troy, OH, 8/07, with a closeup of the Continental A-65 engine. (This may have been the inspiration for the trendy armpit cutouts in some shirts these days.)
  aeronca_o-58B_grasshopper_picture Aeronca O-58B, L-3B Grasshopper N49114, O58B10873, at EAA Oshkosh 1994. (slide)
Aeronca O-58B, L-3B Grasshopper N47421, serial number 11323 (more accurately O58B11323), at EAA Oshkosh 1977 (slide)
1943 Aeronca O-58B, L-3B Grasshopper N47181, sn 12088 (O58B12088), at EAA Oshkosh 1989. If "308" on the rudder is part of the military sn it would probably have been 42-36308. (slide)



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