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Old Aircraft Parts Catalogs


I have several old airplane parts catalogs that you’ll enjoy. Some will be useful for part number or other info, others are just for fun. I wouldn’t recommend trying to place an order from them!


Nicholas Beazley Airplane Co. - 1936-37


A fantastic catalog of aircraft and engine parts including parts lists for Curtiss OX-5, OXX-6, Velie, Lambert, Kinner and Genet engines. Click here for sample pages, more to come. Maybe I should call them "teaser" pages.

Atlantic Aircraft, 1945 Catalog


This incredible little catalog lists parts, mostly used, for the Aeronca Chief, Aeronca Trainer, Piper J-2, J-3, J-4 Cub  Coupe, J-5 Cub  Cruiser, Taylorcraft A, Taylorcraft B, Interstate Trainer, Great Lakes, Stinson SR-8 Reliant, Stinson SM-8A, Stinson Voyager and Stinson 105, Waco 10 GXE, Waco UPF-7, Luscombe Silvair (Country’s largest stock), Luscombe Phantom, (Only stock in the world), Sikorsky S-39, Beechcraft B-17C Staggerwing, Beechcrfaft C-17R Staggerwing, Porterfield Trainer, Porterfield Tandem, and Fairchild 24 C8C. Also aircraft tires, instruments, and propellers. This one is small, and it's all here - click to enter.

Pacific Airmotive Aeronautical Supply Catalog 700 – Mid/late 1940’s

Your standard fare aircraft parts supply catalog for the day. Lots of aircraft instruments, hardware, wheel and brake parts, tools and shop equipment, propellers and more. Click here for sample pages.

Air Associates, Catalog 20 – 1949


Much the same as above including aircraft wheels and brakes, Sensenich Skyblade propellers, Lewis propellers, Hartzell Ground Adjustable Propellers and more. Click here for sample pages.


Van Dusen Aircraft Supplies - 1952-53

  Includes insert on B. F. Goodrich Wheels and Brakes; Goodyear Aircraft Tires & Tubes; and Goodyear Airplane Wheels and Brakes - - coming soon.


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