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Civil Aircraft Registers in My Library
U.S. & Foreign


I have collected the FAA Civil Aircraft Registers for a number of years and I'm always looking for more.

Here's a list of my U.S. Civil Aircraft Registers at this time.
I can spend a minimal amount of time looking something up for you, but I'll do what I can. Scroll down for other countries.

  Date Format Comments
1963 Paper FAA, Lots and lots of good info here!
1968 Paper FAA
1970 Paper FAA
1976 Paper FAA
1976 Paper FAA
1977 Paper FAA
11/80 Microfiche By make and model
Nov. 1980 Microfiche By owner
Jan. 1983 Microfiche By N-number
Jan. 1983 Microfiche Make & model by sn
  Jan. 1983 Microfiche Make & model by zip
  Jan. 1983 Microfiche By owner, alphabetical
  Jan. 1983 Microfiche By zip code
  Sept. 1989 Microfiche By N-number
  Sept. 1989 Microfiche Make & model, by owner
  1983 Paper U.S. Aircraft Directory, not FAA, less info
  March 1991 Microfiche By N-number
  March 1991 Microfiche By make & model
  Aug. 1992 Microfiche By N-number

  AirPac CD's for: 12/01, 8/02, 2/03, 5/03, 10/03, 3/04, 5/04, 7/04, 12/04, 2/05, 9/05, 1/06, 4/06, 7/06, 8/06, 3/08, 12/08
  Canadian Civil Aircraft Register
  1920-28 Paper Compiled by John R. Ellis, Canadian Aviation Historical Society
  1929-45 Paper Same
  June 1971 Paper DOT, both by registration and make/model
  June 1986 Microfiche TC, by make & model, owner only, no address
  Jan. 1991 Microfiche TC, by make & model, full info
  July 1992 Microfiche TC, by make & model, full info
  JP Airline Fleets International
  Lists aircraft by country, and then by operator and make/model
  1980 Paper Lists 21,750 aircraft, of 2080 operators of 176 countries
  1990-91 Paper  
  1992-93 Paper  
  1996-97 Paper  
  2001-02 Paper & CD Lists 55,000 aircraft of 6350 operators
  CD's only for 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, Oct. '06, July '08, Jan. '09, April '09
  1987 Civil Jet Aircraft of the World, Registrations
  Listed by country, and registration
  Other foreign Civil Aircraft Registers
  I have many covering most of the countries that have a civil aircraft register, going back as far as the mid 1970's. I will list them by country and year when I can, but contact me if there is something you are looking for.
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