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Civil Aircraft Registers Online

  A Civil Aircraft Register is a list of all civil aircraft in a given country. The U.S. and several others including Canada, England, Australia and more make their registers available online.

I might be able to help if you’re looking for information on your aircraft’s history. If you contact me I’ll take a few minutes to do a brief search and see what I can find. Please understand that I can’t spend a lot of time but I’ll do what I can.

Click here for a list of old Civil Aircraft Registers that I have on hand, both U.S. and foreign. (Please contact me if you have any to sell, U.S. or otherwise.)

  Here are links to the online civil aircraft registers for several countries. I'll be adding more as I can. Please let me know if there are any you have a special interest in and I'll try to help.

United States, FAA, Civil Aircraft Register
  You can check the status of any currently registered U.S. civil aircraft, online.
  Click here for some hints on using the U.S. Register.
Canadian Civil Aircraft Register
You can search for current info or history. Be patient and you'll soon figure it out. Holler, if you need help!

U. K., British Civil Aircraft Register
The Brits give us lots of interesting info. When you enter a registration such as G-ATHK, an Aeronca 7AC Champ I have posted (they already have the "G"), and search, you'll see many details. They tell you what the former registration was, engine model, and even the aircraft total time. Click on "Select this link to view the Full Registration History of this aircraft" and go deeper!

Here are links to several other sources of foreign civil aircraft registers. Some are government, others are private. Some are current others are not. Many countries, 1919 to 1939. Warning - its addictive! Pascal BRUGIER, scroll down, click on continent:

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