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Anoka County-Blaine Airport,
Janes Field, ANE, KANE, Blaine, MN
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Last revised 3/11/13

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My son Ken Stoltzfus Jr., and his son Colby and I took in the Wentworth Aircraft auction in Minneapolis on May 13-15, 2011. We were booked to fly home the evening of the 16th, so we had quite a bit of time to burn. We ran down to Anoka County to see what we could see and were pleasantly surprised.

This trip was very special to me because it was the last such three-generation event before Ken Jr.'s passing on July 19, following emergency surgery for brain tumors. I have such good memories of driving and walking around looking at these aircraft with my son Ken and grandson Colby.

Beech 18 N3111, 1953 D-18S sn A-964.
N3111 was never military, and has had the same owner since 1981. Looks like a clean bird but it's going to need some attention soon. It has the Beechcraft cargo door, which used the original, rounded top and bottom and front-hinged passenger door, with a lift out cargo door behind it. Note the single piece cowl flaps and aftermarket gear doors, but otherwise it's about as stock as you can get. There's some older photos here and it looks like its been given some attention since then.

Cessna 337 Skymaster N2139X, 1965 337 sn 337-0039, the 39th 337 built! What else is there to say?!


North American T-6 N85696, 1942 AT-6D, sn 88-17477, USAF 42-85696, CR528. It's a beauty and it took the "Best T-6" award at Oshkosh in 2008. Looks like he's in for some radio work at R. C. Avionics.

Percival Pembroke N510RP, N702JM. 1954 P55, This one was hard to track down but I finally got it - - I think. This source identifies it as CN PAC/66/29; Line No. PAC/K66/B4009; and SN RM-9. It went to the Belgian Air Force in 1954 as BAF89 and I believe the call sign OT-ZAI; to Air America Inc. as N51964 in 1978; 1978 Honduran registered as HR-ITA; 1987 registered as N702JM; 1988 registered as N510RP; 2005 registered as N702JM. It still shows N510RP.
Old hangar. Now this goes back in time! I couldn't resist it.

Two aviation museums are on the field and you can see them at:

    The American Wings Air Museum, and
    The Golden Wings Flying Museum



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