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Fremont County Airport, 1V6,
Canon City, CO
July, 2011 visit to Colorado for a family reunion, with a stop at 1V6.
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Last revised: 3/11/13

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This is one of those deals where you're trying to get some miles behind you, but then you see that irrestible airport sign. I'm glad we stopped! Not a lot of airplanes but several interesting ones.
Aero Commander 500-S Shrike N6619V
1968 Aero Commander 500-S sn 1824-24, with 290-hp Lycoming TIO-540's. At least until shortly before this photo it had been on lease to the Forest Service for several years. I've always thought the Aero Commanders were a racy looking machine. Here's some history on the Twin Commanders.
Air Tractor AT-802A N1546H
1992 sn 802A-0003, Fire 885. Photos 2 and 3. They have an 800-gal. tank, which is pretty impressive when compared to the 1000-1100 gal. we carried with the DC-3 on forest spraying. It and at least one other were working a fire but it must not have been too serious because there wasn't any hussle in the traffic pattern, etc. It all looked pretty relaxed, but they are certainly paid by the hour and we were paid by the acre!.You can learn more about the AT-802A here.

Beech 18, C-45H Twin Beech N480P
1952 Beech CN AF-815, USAF 52-10885, a D-18 series BE-18. Very clean looking and with a few gross weight increase kits including outside air scoops, cowl louvers, fiberglass square tips, and most certainly the stabilizer angle of incidence kit. It's probably #9360 or 9465 gross weight instead of the original 8750. It has the high tail gear which is truly a pilot's friend. Note the very original cabin entrance door which is hinged on the front and rounded on the top and bottom. You didn't see many of those after the late 1960's! Here's a dewey morning shot at Tullahoma in Oct. 2005.

Boeing Vertol 107 N192CH
1967 Kawasaki Vertol KV107-11 sn 4011 of Columbia Helicopters, obviously there under contract for forest fire control. The 107 is the civilian version of the military CH-46. This particular aircraft was built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan and is certificated under FAA TCDS H1PC, which is held by Kawasaki. However, Columbia Helicopters presently has 19 107's on the FAA register, and they own FAA TCDS 1H16 which covers the 107-II.
DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter N49SJ
1974 DHC-6-300 sn 423 belonging to the U.S. Department of Interior. It has been in their name since 1976. Looks nice!


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