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Lee Bottom Flying Field, Hanover, IN
2011 Wood, Fabric, and Tailwheels Fly-In
Lee Bottom Flying Field, 64I, Hanover, IN

Last revised March 23, 2015
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This is usually a three-day event that includes the last Saturday of September, but in 2011 my wife Elaine and I were only able to be there for Saturday, Sept. 25.

We got to our motel in Hanover around midnight on Friday, after visiting a granddaughter at Indiana Wesleyan University up in Marion, IN. Elaine is a good sport about my perceived need to be at the airport for the "early light" photos, so we were up in good time and off to Lee Bottom by 7:00.

It had rained during the night and didn't look promising for photos. Here's what we saw as we walked toward the aircraft parking area. We only had sun for about an hour, around noon, so many of the photos are not the kind of light I really like. Because of the weather there were't nearly as many aircraft as some years, but here's a few.

Aeronca 65-CA Chief N36604, 1941 cn C-17001. They had spent the night, and then headed out.
Bellanca 14-19 Cruisemaster N6597N, 1950 cn 2050, O-435-A Lycoming. It had spent the night there, It has a 190-HP, Lycoming O-435-A engine, which is the civilian version of the O-435-1 used in the Stinson L-5. That's an interesting nose cowl, and a unique landing gear. That chrome piece on the side there is like cars of that day. It's an airplane with a profile all its own! The sun is out and now its time to head home.
Bellanca 14-19-2 N7695B, 1958 Cruisemaster 230 cn 4046. Has a 230-HP Continental O-470-K, as used in Cessna 180's of around that time.
Cessna 120 N120KF, 1947 cn 14144. A pretty little fabric-wing 120 looking for a new home!
Cessna 140 N725X, 1946 cn 9723, on arrival and looking for a parking spot. Probably originally N72553, but its been N725X since at least 1963.
Cessna 140 N72911, 1946 cn 10105, another fabric wing. Seems like it was for sale but I don't remember how I knew that. Oh - - now I see.
Cessna 140 N90023, 1946 cn 9081, with Lycoming O-235. Note the different cowl. Obviously another overnighter.
Cessna 150 N7042X, 1960 150A cn 15059142. Cute as can be!
Cessna 175 N7949T, 1960 175A cn 56649, FAA says Franklin 6V 350 engine. That swept tail but full fuselage 175, with 235-HP in place of the 175-HP Continental GO-300, is probably a nice flyer.
Cessna 180 N711RM, 1979 180K cn 18053066. "Yep, we just as well get it on here instead of using up a lot of runway." Its simply a 180 doing what a 180 does so well! Is there an "oops" here? (We typically close the cowl flaps for cruise and landing.)
Cessna 182 N3130U, 1963 182F cn 18254530. A pretty 182 with droop tips.
Cessna L-19 N3305, ex N305FL, 1959 cn 24700. From some of the placards it apparently has foreign military history, maybe Italian or French, but I can't find anything on it. The panel is close to original. It has the original radio heads but I'd guess the boxes have been removed in favor of modern avionics.
Cessna L-19 N5190G, 305A, ex USAF L-19A, O-1A cn 22452, USAF 51-12138. It is painted as a USMC OE-1, and given 22452, but that number was assigned to a Martin AM-1 Mauler, not an OE-1. I never flew an L-19 but they look like a fun airplane. OK, on 2/20/15 Bill Finney, the current owner, emailed me with: The 22452 number is the Cessna Serial Number.  The person that had it painted put the Cessna number on it instead of the Military number which should have been 112138 dropping the 5 and dash from 51-12138.  I would have known better but the person I bought it from did not. Oh - - thanks Bill!!
Citabria N2877Z, 1978 Bellanca 8KCAB Super Decathlon cn 373-78, Lycoming IO-360. It looks like it would just as rather be upside down as right side up.!
Citabria N31267, 1972 Bellanca 7ECA cn 887-72, O-235. On the other end of the Citabria line performance-wise but an economical and comfortable little bird.
Corbin Baby Ace N60CA, NX60CA, 1974 Varner, Corbin Ace Model D, cn 100VA, Continental A-65. Best flown on a warm day.
Corbin Baby Ace N686CM, "Old School", 1981 Kenneth Yost Baby Ace D cn KY1. Probably a fun little one-seater.
Fairchild 24 N81271, 1946 24W-46 cn W46-171. It was built with a Warner SS185 radial and converted to the Ranger. It was for sale too! A nice "the way it used to be" panel there, with space for modern avionics.
Luscombe 8A N2613K, 1947 cn 5340 with oversize tires and a new style fin and rudder. The FAA register showed a Fort Worth, TX owner. Either it had been sold or someone had a nice long cross-country!
Luscombe 8A N45664, 1946 cn 2191, a pretty little "dressed", fabric-wing bird which has had one owner since 1985.
Luscombe 8A N71767, 1946 Silvaire cn 3194, "Lil Buster", and somehow that name seems to fit. An interesting paint design on the tail. You can always tell a Luscombe from a Cessna 140 when they fly overhead, by the notches at the inboard end of the wing.
Luscombe 8E N1812K, 1946 cn 4539, Continental C-85, with the window behind the doors like a Cessna 140.
Maule MX-7-180 N148DP, cn 11015C, with Lycoming O-360 and constant speed prop. Probably a very useful and practical airplane.
Pietenpol Aircamper N6186L, 1993 George Skistmas Pietnpol Aircamper cn 002, Continental A-65. It's a two-seater, and sorta defines "uncomplicated" when it comes to airplanes.
Piper Commanche N9325P, 1969 PA-24-260 cn 24-4822, TIO-540. This is a beautiful, late, high gross (#3200), six place, 260C Commanche. FAA says it has a Lycoming TIO-540. Some of the 260's had IO-540's turbocharged with manually controlled Rayjays, but this indicates an actual TIO-540 engine. I'm not sure just what it is but I know its pretty!!
Piper J-3 Cub N38794, J3C-65 cn 7271. A nice little C-85 powered J-3 with remnants of the night rain.
Piper J-3 Cub N91995, 1946 J3C-65 cn 16430. (In Dec. 2012 Bob Reid emailed me this old photo and said, "I learned to fly in this J3 back in 1953." The Cub was only seven years old at the time. Bob has some interesting photos here.
Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser N4122M, cn 12-3020, looking quite stock except for those little 6:00x6's in place of the 8:00x4's. I've owned several PA-12's and loved them. For more PA-12's go to the Piper column in my Site Map.
Piper PA-16 Clipper N5337H, 1949 cn 16-143. They're four place with a little, 108-HP Lycoming O-235, so - - - be careful! For more Clippers go to the Piper column in my Site Map.
Piper PA-17 Vagabond N4612H, 1948 cn 17-29. The Vagabond was the first short-wing Piper, and One Two Hotel is parked next to a PA-22-108 Colt, the last of the short wings. Here's a closer shot; and the whole thing with some flash on a bad photo day. We're invited to take a look inside to see the very basic cockpit. It was called a "Piper Cub Vagabond." Cool little wheel pants there! For more Vagabonds go to the Piper column in my Site Map.
Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer N1910P, 1955 PA-22-150 cn 22-2657. It was about a quarter of the way through the run of nearly 10,000 PA-22's that Piper built! For more Tri-Pacers go to the Piper column in my Site Map.
Piper PA22-20 N766W, 1960 PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer cn 22-7295. A pretty little taildragger, with front seat doors on both sides, Alaska-style. For more PA-22/20's go to the Piper column in my Site Map..
Piper PA-22-108 Colt N5641Z, 1962, cn 22-9460, with metalized fuselage. It is around 400 from the end of the PA-22 production. These were the last of the Piper short-wings and it was parked next to Vagabond N4612H (above), the first of that series.
Stearman C3-B N8835, 1928 Stearman Aircraft cn 241. What a beauty, both in design and in its restored condition. It has beautiful lines, and a Wright R-975 engine.
Swift N853C, Globe GC-1B, 1946 cn 1039 showing us a wheel landing, and then tail coming down. It looks like it still has the Continental C-145 or O-300 engine.
Swift N80589, 1946 Universal Globe GC-1B cn 92. The FAA Register says it has a Lycoming O-290, and I'd love to know if that's true. Some were built with C-85's so the O-290 would have been a boost, but I never heard of that combination before.
Taylorcraft BC-12D N96914, 1946 cn 9214. A pretty little T-Craft complete with living accommodations.
Taylorcraft BL-65 N27461, 1940 cn 2103, It was built with a Lycoming O-145B but I wouldn't be surprised if it has the Continental A-65.
Waco YKC N14047, 1934 cn 3966. A nice wheel landing; slowing down; showing the 220-HP Continental W-670; and waiting for some action.

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