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Do we sometimes misunderstand restless teens and declare them rebellious as they pursue a God-given drive to form their own identity in life? Can our response actually thwart the work God wants to do in them?


Restless Teens
and Those Who Nurture Them

A book on the interaction between grownups, and teenagers who are seeking their own identity. This is a published book that you can buy as a hard copy, but the entire document is available here, free, as a PDF.

Click here, to view and/or download the front and back covers as a PDF

Click here to read and/or download the entire text as a PDF. It is a large file and might download slowly. (Note: You can enlarge or reduce the view by clicking on the plus or minus button on the bar just above the PDF image.)

You can also purchase one or more hard copies. Please send a check or money order for $5.00 each, postage paid in the U.S., payable to me and sent to: Ken Stoltzfus, P.O. Box 228, Kidron, OH 44636

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