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The Cosmic Battle
and The American Christian

This book is intended to provoke your own sober thinking and inquiry into what God is doing as you watch events unfold in the years ahead. He wants to speak to your heart and draw you closer to Himself as the sky darkens, so that you will stand firm yourself and be able to encourage others.

This is not a message of doom and gloom. It speaks of light in the darkness; of hope in the midst of despair – for all whose deepest roots and most important sense of identity and purpose come from their relationship with God – the Creator Whom we know through Jesus Christ our Savior.

  1 - Cover through Part I, The Battle of the Ages PDF WORD
2 - Part II, The American Christian Dilemma PDF WORD
3 - Part III, Opportunity Is - - PDF WORD
4 - Part IV, New Foundations PDF WORD
5 - Part V, The Foundation of a New Human Nature PDF WORD
6 - Part VI, The New Look PDF WORD
7 - Part VII, The Dividing Line PDF WORD
8 - Conclusion, The Last Word PDF WORD
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