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Cessna 175 and Skylark Photos and Information


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1958 Cessna 175's are SN 28700A, and 55001 - 55703
Cessna 175 taildragger bush plane
Cessna 175 N55414 factory photo
Cessna 175 taildragger at Fairbanks, Alaska  
55130, N9330B, O-360, at Homer AK 5-10. Has flown 6-8000 hours in last 10-years.
55414, N7114M, factory photo. Now has Franklin 6V-350.
55436, N24143 looking pretty at Fairbanks, AK 5-10

Cessna 175 on floats photo Cessna 175 seaplane photo Cessna 175 seaplane photo Cessna aircraft, 175 airplane info

55523, N7223M, a 1958 Cessna 175 seaplane on Baumann floats. At 52B, Greenville Seaplane Base, Greenville, Maine, during the International Seaplane Fly-In, 9-06. It is Lycoming powered. In the last photo he's getting ready to hit the target in the bomb dropping contest.

Cessna 175 on floats at Lake Hood

Cessna 175 seaplane on Lake Hood Alaska  

55647 N158DM, ex N7347M, Lycoming powered, on straight floats at Lake Hood, Anchorage AK 5-10. Note the beautiful mountain range in the background.

1959 Cessna 175's are SN 55704 - 56238

Cessna 175 airplane photo

Cessna 175 aircraft photo Cessna 175 airplane at fly-in  

55932, N59175, ex N7632M, a Lycoming powered 1959 Cessna 175 at the 2010 Wood, Fabric and Tailwheels Fly In at 64I, Lee Bottom Airport, Hanover, IN, Sept. 2010. Sometimes a guy needs a place to dry his wet shoes and stuff! Did you pick up on the significance of the tail number? Pretty airplane!



Cessna 175 on skies Cessna 175 tricycle gear with skies Cessna 175 float plane photo  
55940, N416DC, ex N7640M on skies at Z41, Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK, 4-08. I saw it again on Lake Hood in May 2010, on floats. These Lycoming powered 175's are a versatile airplane!
Cessna 175 airplane information Cessna 175 airplane conversion Cessna 175 airplane propeller conversion


56075, N6575E, a beautiful 1959 175 with a Lycoming O-360, special exhaust and a fancy prop, on Baumann amphibious floats at the 2006 International Seaplane Fly-In at 52B,/v Greenville, Maine. If someone sends me more specific details I'll post them.

Cessna 175 taildragger on skies Cessna 175 Lycoming conversion Cessna 175 airplane on skies


56180, N6680E, a pretty taildragger on skies at Fairbanks, Alaska. It has the Lycoming O-360. The first two photos are morning shots in April 2008, the third was taken in the afternoon in May 2010.

1960 Cessna 175A's are SN 619, and 56239 - 56777

1960 Cessna 175A factory photo

619, N34260. Note the hump at the front of the cowl, and the swept vertical tail. This looks like a prototype serial number
1961 Cessna 175B's are SN 175-56778 - 175-57002

I have no photos. Send me yours, with info and I'll post them and give you photo credit.

1962 Cessna 175Cs are SN 175-57003 - 175-57119

I have no photos. Send me yours, with info and I'll post them and give you photo credit.

1963 Cessna P172D's are SN P172-57120 - P172-57188

I have no photos. Send me yours, with info and I'll post them and give you photo credit.


Cessna 175 Skylark Information

The 175 fuselage is the same size as the 180 and it has a stronger firewall area than the 172. It is often deemed more desireable than the 172 for engine upgrades, Alaska use and etc.

There are 1346 Cessna 175's and 38 P172D's on the U.S. Civil Aircraft Register on 12/15/12 including 72 in Alaska and 127 in California.

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Cessna 175 Serial Numbers by year, with notes (Send me more details and I'll put them on)

Model From - To Notes
175 28700A,
55001 - 55703
GO-300-A; fixed pitch; #2350; fuel 52/43; straight cowling, straight tail; upgraded version called Skylark;
175 55704 - 56238  
175A 619, 56239 - 56777 GO-300-C; seaplane #2450; humped nose cowling, swept tail;
175B 175-56778 - 175-57002 GO-300-D
175C 175-57003 - 175-57119 Skyhawk; GO-300E; constant speed; #2450
P172D P172-57120 -
Skyhawk Powermatic; omnivision; #2500
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