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Cessna 205, 205A
Photos and Information

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Cessna built 577 205’s for the 1963-64 model years. They were essentially a fixed gear 210 including the shape of the lower cowl! That is confirmed by the fact that they are in the same FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet, 3A21, as all of the 210’s including the P210R and T210R.

Note the interesting model number they were given! Their factory model is “210-5 (205)” for 1963 aircraft, c/n 205-0001 - 0480. The 1964’s are model “210-5A (205A)”, c/n 205-0481 – 0577. According to the TCDS there was also a c/n 641, which was probably the development aircraft.

The 205’s are powered by a 260-HP, Continental IO-470-S engine, although some have been modified to the IO-520 and IO-550 engines. They are six place; standard fuel is 65-gallons; and gross weight is #3300.

The 206 was introduced in 1964 and soon replaced the 205. Of the 577 built there are over 300 on the current FAA register.

I won't have many '205 photos because there's not a lot of them around.

Cessna 205, c/n 205-0107
Cessna 205, model 210-5 (205), Stoltzfus Airfield, OH22

This pretty, 1963 Cessna 205 dropped into Stoltzfus Airfield, OH22, Kidron, OH on 9/29/10. She's a beauty so I borrowed a camera and got some shots.

The FAA register calls it a 1962. It was probably built in 1962 but Cessna considered it a 1963 year-model. Their parts manual and other resources including the FAA TCDS only refer to 1963 and '64, 205's.

Cessna 205, Stoltzfus Airfield, OH22, Kidron, OH
Cessna 203, FAA tcds 3a21, N8107Z, Stoltzfus Airfield

Note the 210-like lower cowl. You read above that the 205 was actually built as a fixed-gear 210.

The 205 has two main cabin doors up front and a smaller door on the left rear.




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