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Cessna 206 Information and Trivia
  Over 5200 of the 206 series were built. Around 400 are currently registered in Alaska and nearly 300 in Canada
  All 206's on FAA Register Search Canadian Register
  FAA Type Certificate A4CE, Rev. 48 206 details on Wikipedia
206 Series, Year, model and Serial Number info from Cessna Parts Manuals. Two pages, 1964 - 1973, and 1974 - 1986. Note the many different names the 206's were given over the years!

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  The official CN's don't have the dash in the CN, but it's easier for me to see them clearly that way!

Construction Number

1964 Cessna 206 N5217Z sitting high and dry at PALH Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK 5-10
1966 Cessna P206A N4671F in the company of some even older workhorses at Red Lake, ON Canada, 7-05
1965 Cessna U206 N2186F waiting patiently at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK 5-10
1965 Cessna U206 N8015Z on the edge of PALH Lake Hood 5-10
1966 Cessna TU206A N206AK at PALH Lake Hood, 7-04. Sorry about the flash!
1970 Cessna U206E N9129M of Alaska Air Taxi, coming and going at PALH Lake Hood, 7-04
1971 Cessna U206E N9465G in the evening sun at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, 5-10
1972 Cessna U206F N755FA at the 2003 International Seaplane Fly In at 52B Greenville Seaplane Base, Moosehead Lake, Greenville, ME.
1973 Cessna U206F N60529 waiting to go to work (or play!) at Z41 Lake Hood, 5-10
1974 Cessna TU206F N7485Q, pretty as can be at 52B Greenville, ME at the 9-06 fly-in
1974 Cessna U206F N24012, at 10:40 p.m. at PALH Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK 8-04
1974 Cessna U206F N958RF taxiing, and taking off at 52B Greenville, ME, 9-03
1975 Cessna U206F N58502 in the green at at 96WI Vette Blust Seaplane Base, Oshkosh 2010
1975 Cessna U206F N247KM at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, 5-10. The rope hanging down from the wing is a dead giveaway that it also flies on floats.
1975 Cessna U206F N401SU at PAHL Lake Hood 7-04. I used this shot in a Preferred Airparts' calendar a couple of years ago. What a beauty with that blue sky and color coordinated dolly!
1975 Cessna U206F N915NG amphib at PAMR Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK 4-08
1976 Cessna U206F N8370Q "heavy duty" at PAFA Fairbanks International, AK 5-10
1976 Cessna U206F N8514Q slippin'er'in and taxiing at 52B Greenville, ME 9-03
1977 Cessna U206G N7267N at PALH Lake Hood 7-04, and waiting for floats, 5-10
1977 Cessna U206G N77206 of Stellar Air, at PAHO Homer AK 5-10. Pretty Bird! Do you "get" the N-number on this one?
1977 Cessna TU206G N7396C of Hudson Air Service, at PAUO Willow Airport, Willow AK 4-08
1978 Cessna U206G N756MP at Lake Hood ANC AK 5-10. This photo shouts "Alaska!"
1978 Cessna U206G N1779R of Regal Air, on skies at PALH Lake Hood 4-08, and floats, 5-10
1978 Cessna U206G N626KT of Rust's Flying Service, landing, and on the step in the channel between Spenard Lake and Lake Hood, 4-08. And then some evening shots (forgive me, I couldn't quit) -3-, -4-, -5-, -6-. And at the back of the line another evening in a sea of red. Finally, on different floats in 5-10.
1978 Cessna U206G N756XE of Northwind Aviation, at 5BL Homer-Beluga Lake Seaplane Base, Homer AK 5-10. -2-, -3- That first shot will make it to the Preferred Airparts' calendar some day!
1978 Cessna U206G C-GDWB at CKT3 Nestor Falls Seaplane Base, ON Canada, 7-05. Ex Anchorage based N756YJ, it was imported into Canada in 2002.
1978 Cessna U206G N756WR, another pumped up 206 at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK 5-10
1978 Cessna U206G N9815M of Homer Air, at PAHO Homer, AK 5-10
1979 Cessna U206G N734VB at Trapper Creek, along the highway from Anchorage to Fairbanks, AK 4-08, and 5-10. Don't forget to stop in and get some pizza.
1979 Cessna U206G N4596U of Rust's Flying Service, on the step, and parked in the LIFO position at PALH Lake Hood 7-04
1979 Cessna U206G N4649U of Trail Ridge Air at PALH Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK 4-08; and then 4/29/10 and 5/8/10! And then some action on 5/9/10, -4-, -5-, -6-, and -7-.
1979 Cessna U206G N4672U landing at PALH Lake Hood 7-04
1979 Cessna U206G N4839U at PALH Lake Hood 4-08 and in the early morning sun, 5-10
1980 Cessna TU206G N6192U the C.A.P.'s beautiful amphib on display at the Alaska State Aviation Trade Show, at PANC Anchorage International Airport, AK 5-10
1980 Cessna TU206G N129RF with toes in the water at the 2006 International Seaplane Fly In at 52B Greenville Seaplane Base, Moosehead Lake, Greenville, ME. It went to Canada in 8-07 and became C-FRFM. And then on the step past some unconcerned geese, and settling into the water.
1980 Cessna U206G N700RC approaching 52B Greenville Maine, and moving easy in the water, 9-06
1980 Cessna U206G N6405X waiting for the ice to go out on PALH Lake Hood, 5-10
1981 Cessna U206G N4891Z of Rust's Flying Service, landing at PALH Lake Hood 7-04
1981 Cessna TU206G C-GDBM being towed to the dock; backing into position; and waiting for the pilot; at 96WI Vette-Blust, Oshkosh 2010
2000 Cessna T206H N262ME taxiing, and then taking off with a little mechanical issue, at 52B Greenville, ME 9-06

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