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I have many old original black and white 8x10's and slides of warbirds and other aircraft in my collection, and will be posting them from time to time. All are for sale. Scans will remain on this site after the prints are sold.

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I received this message on Nov. 20, 2012: " I was looking on the internet and found your photos of the Pogo. I was on the crash crew that was standing by when Mr Coleman took this plane on its first complete flight in Nov. 1954. These pictures brought back memories. I was 18 years at the time and now I am 76. The pilot Skeets Coleman is still with us. He is 94. Also, the Pogo is at Dulles where they are going to refurbish it. So thanks for the memories sir....Ed Hess, Texas"


According to Joe Baugher, Convair built three XFY-1 Pogos, i.e. BuNo 138648, 138649 and 138650. He says, "Only one of the three XFY-1s actually flew. 138648 was used strictly as an engine testbed and 138650 was used only for static tests. The sole flight article (138649) was displayed for a while at NAS Norfolk, Virginia, but is now in storage at the Paul Garber restoration facility at Suitland, MD."

- YouTube 9:10 video
- YouTube 1:22 video
- You Tube 4:56 video of flying a model. This guy is good!

Many photos here, but most are turned 90-degrees from vertical!

Assuming that Joe Baugher's information is correct, i.e. that 138649 is the only one that flew, we'll assume that all of my photos, or at least those which show actual flight, are that aircraft.

On the ground, showing the bottom of the aircraft. Convair factory photo, 3/3/58, see text.
Pilot at cockpit, Convair factory photo 3/3/58, see text.
Soon after liftoff, Convair factory photo N35621.
A little higher, Convair factory photo N34807
Heading up, Convair factory photo 3/3/58, see text
Heading up (same photo, nicer contrast), Convair factory photo N35637


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