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Douglas Skyraider AD and EA Aircraft Photos and Info


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I have many more old original black and white 8x10's, and many slides in my collection, and all are for sale.

Photos are listed by military serial number. Click on the serial number link to see the photo. I don't have the serial number on some of them, but they are interesting photos so I'm posting them. Click on the link.

"Navy AD Payload"; world record load for single engine aircraft; press release; Official photograph U.S. Navy, NAS Miramar
"Korea Bound"; off of carrier US Bon Homme Richard; see the press release; Official photograph U.S. Navy, NAS Miramar
British AD4W Skyraiders of the 849th Squadron of the Royal Navy, in formation, 323, 324, 325, 326; press release; Official photograph U.S. Navy, NAS Miramar
An AD-6 Skyraider 307 of the USMC, Quantico, VA
Douglas AD-1 Skyraider 09245, USMC, 7, Marines, VMA-251, AL
Douglas AD-1Q Skyraider 09360, U.S. Navy, 160, Groose Ile, I
Douglas AD-1Q Skyraider 09361, U.S. Navy, 171, Groose Ile, I
Dougas AD-2Q Skyraider 122386, USMC, 9, Marines, VMC-1, RM
Douglas AD-4Q Skyraider 124041, U.S. Navy, 33, XC
Douglas AD-4W Skyraider 124121, WT121, Royal Navy 415, CU, at Yeovilton UK 8-89. Slide    
Douglas AD-4N Skyraider 124143, F-AZDP; 205, USS Saratoga, Navy, VA-176, 05, RM, 24143. At La Ferte-Alais 5-85. Baugher says: 124143 to French AF as 14, to Gabon AF as TR-KFP, then to civil registry as N91909 (reserved but not taken up), then on French civil registry as F-WZDP, later F-AZDP. Slide
Douglas AD-4N Skyraider 125716, F-AZFN, at Pontoise-Cormeilles 9-06. Baugher says: 125716 (c/n 7609) to USN Apr 27, 1952.  To storage at Litchfield Park, AZ 1958. To French AF May 27, 1960 as No. 11, then 20-QJ, then 20-QL.   To Chad AF in 1974. Recovered from Chad and restored as F-AZFN. Slide 
Douglas AD-4W Skyraider 126867, G-BMFB, ex SE-EBK, at North Weald 5-89, N4277N since 1991. Baugher says: 126867 (c/n 7850) after service with USN and major overhaul, went to Fleet Air Arm Nov 22, 1955 as Skyraider AEW.1 WV181.  SOC Feb 14, 1962, and to Scottish Aviation and converted for target towing, first flight after conversion May 1, 1963 with Class B registration G-31-12. To Svensk Flygjanst May 21, 1963 as SE-EBK.  Registration cancelled Sep 16, 1976. Registered G-BMFB Sep 24, 1985 and shipped to England. Registration cancelled May 1, 1990 and to USA by sea in Sept 1990. Registered N4277N May 1991. Slide.
Douglas AD-4N Skyraider 126882, N91945, 500, USS Saratoga,  VA-35, AC, at OSH 8-77.  Aircraft that Harry Doan was killed in when it flipped over. Baugher says: 126882 (c/n 7682) to French AF As No. 85, passed to Gabon AF around 1968. Recovered in Gabon by Gyra Frane 1976. Slide
Douglas AD-4N Skyraider 126922, F-AZED, 37, 937, USS Hornet, Navy, VF-152, 37 JS, at Yverdon, 8-88.  At Ferte Alais 6-91. At Duxford in 7-96 as G-RAID (Charles E. Stewart slide). In 6-04 as G-RADR. (Was G-RAID 6/93 to 10/03, then G-RADR) Baugher says: - - to French AF with serial 42, then to Gabon AF as TR-KMM, then to F-AZED. Slides
Douglas AD-4N Skyraider 126935, N2088G, Marines, 10-90 and 6-96 in blue, 14, Marines, HB. Baugher says: 126935 to French AF as No. 56, then to Chad AF, then to civil registry as F-AZFO; airworthy as N2088G. Slides
Douglas AD-4N Skyraider 126959, N2088V, Marines, 10-82 slide.   To French AF as No. 50, then to Chad AF, then to French registry as F-AZFP, to US civil registry as N2088V, later N959AD

Douglas AD-4N Skyraider 126979, French, MK, 6-77 slide.  Baugher: 126979 (C/n 7779) to French AF as No. 53.  To Musee de l'AIR et de l'Espace, Le Bourget  

Douglas AD-4N Skyraider 127002, F-AZHK, in France, 7-05 slide. Baugher: 127002 to French AF as No. 61, sold as N91989, to Gaban AF TR-LQE, now F-AZHK.
Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider 127906, U.S.Navy, 157, Glenview, V
Douglas AD-5 Skyraider 132447, USMC, 447, Marines, Quantico
Douglas AD-5 Skyraider 132466, U.S. Navy, 599, VA-125, NJ, 32466
Douglas AD-5 Skyraider 132591, USMC, 15, VMCJ-3, Marines, TN, 32591
Douglas AD-5 Skyraider 132597, USMC, 21, VMCJ-3, Marines, TN
Douglas AD-5 Skyraider 132598, as USAF AF 51-598, on a pedestal at Hurlburt Field Museum, Eglin AFB, FL 9-72, and as TC AF52-598, on the ground, 2-02

Douglas AD-5 Skyraider 132683, 176, 32683, 7E. And slides as N39147 at Long Beach in 2-81 (John Kimberly photo), and at ??? in 9-98 (Bob Shane photo) as AF 132 683.  Baugher: 132683 (cn 9540) to South Vietnam AF.  Recovered from Thailand and now restored as N39147.

Douglas AD-5 Skyraider 132789, (cn 9385) 704, Navy, NATTC, 32789, at EAA museum, OSH-01 
Douglas EA-1E Skyraider 133758, Navy, 771, VAW-13, 771 VR, at Davis Monthan, 5-69. Built as AD-5W.  (see B-26, BE-18 in background) Slide
Douglas A-1E Skyraider 133860, AD, AF 52-860, at Davis Monthan 4-71 and 5-71     
Douglas AD-5 Skyraider 133893, USMC, 57, Marines, 7Y
Douglas EA-1F Skyraider 134983, 774, Navy, VAW-13, 774 VR, 34983, at Davis Monthan, 5-69 slide, BE-18’s in background.  
135018, Navy, 703, VAW-13, VR, 35018 at PIMA 6-82, and in 2-09 as 810, USS America, Navy, VAW-33, AE-110, 35018,
Douglas EA-1F Skyraider 135034, U.S. Navy, 35034, and right front,both at Willow Grove NAS, and at Davis Monthan in 3-69!
Douglas AD-5N Skyraider 135037, U.S.Navy, 72, 7Y, 35037
  135152 AD-5W (EA-1E) N65164 in 11-96. More info here.
AD-6, as N32612 in 1-83, and in 11-82, probably at Chino and without a visible registration. It served the USN, USAF and VNAF and you can see it's history here.. It has been registered by mfg. construction number as N32612 (scroll down) and by military serial number as N39148 (expired) and is now at the Paul Garber facility awaiting restoration for the Smithsonian. Here's a nice story on 135332.
AD-6 39606, AH, USS Oriskany, at Santa Monica 6-98. Also 1-91 as VA-146. and a Chuck Stewart 6-02 shot. Baugher says 11/23/12: "139606 (c/n 10838) to South Vietnam AF.  Recovered from Thailand and to civil registry as N3915B.  Underwent complete rebuild and reregistered N39606." In 1962 the AD-6 was redesignated the A-1H. Slides.


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