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For Men Only

Toward Godly manhood in a feminized world  
Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. I Cor. 16:13 nas

Declaration of a Man of God
Married Men

The declaration of a man of God in which he unites himself with the truth of what God says about him, and with the plan of God for him. While it will not always be consistent with the man’s feelings, or even with his actions, it declares to himself; to those around him; and to spiritual forces of light and darkness, that this is the man he earnestly desires to be and intends to become as he continues in his spiritual pilgrimage.

  • I am a man of God, because I have confessed my sin and trusted Jesus as my Savior.
  • I am walking with God in my everyday life, not perfectly but with a sincere heart.
  • God has a plan and purpose for my life and I am determined to walk in it.
  • I am loved by God and there is nothing that I could ever do to make Him love me more, or less.
  • The truth of God’s love is a rock that I will stand on when I am tempted to doubt my worth.
  • I accept the responsibility to maintain an active and vital relationship with God through reading His Word, and through prayer, worship and fellowship.
  • I will seek a deeper relationship with Him as long as I live.
  • I will search my heart and ask God to show me my deepest inner being, and my thoughts, and my ways, and will invite Him to make me more like Jesus in every way.
  • I accept the responsibility to pursue healing in areas of weakness and brokenness in my life, even when they are the result of the inadequacies of others or of their sins against me.
  • I open myself to the counsel of others whom God brings into my life to partner with me in my pursuit of more of God.
  • I recognize the virtues of the male gender which also create vulnerability and can, at the least, lead to sin with my eyes and in my imagination, and dedicate myself to sexual purity in a way that represents godly manhood and faithfulness to my wife.
  • I will confess known sin to God, knowing that He is faithful and just to forgive my sins and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness, as in I John 1:9.
  • I have been blessed with a wonderful, godly wife.
  • She is my companion, friend, lover, co-laborer and partner in life – and by God’s plan, my helpmate.
  • God formed ________ and me as two distinct and very different individuals, and those differences are part of what attracted us to each other.
  • With God’s help those differences will bring strength in our household. In Jesus’ Name I refuse to allow them to bring contention, strife or competition.
  • I will be enriched by _______’s feminine spirituality but will freely walk in masculine spirituality.
  • I will love ________ with the sacrificial love with which Christ loves the church.
  • I will welcome and respect her opinions as I serve as the leader and head of our home.
  • I will give preference to _________’s interests and desires when they do not conflict with what I believe is in the best interests of our family, and will ask her to accept my leadership when I feel that is necessary.
  • I will cherish _________ and communicate to her how very important she is to me and to our family.
  • God has appointed me as the spiritual head and gatekeeper of my family. I choose to humbly but boldly accept and express that God-given position and role.
  • I will open the gate to that which is life-giving for my family, and close the gate to that which is not.
  • I confess, renounce and stand against all influences which have come into our home because of my past failure to function as our spiritual head and gatekeeper. (Be specific)
  • I understand that my authority comes from the position that God has given me, but that I also need to earn and maintain respect and honor from my family as I serve them as leader.
  • I also understand that the effectiveness of my headship in my home is related to the quality of my submission to the headship of Jesus Christ in my own life.    
  • I will take initiative to understand and bring resolution to areas of need in our family.
  • I will listen carefully to my family to better understand their needs.
  • I will seek counsel from God and from fellow Christians as needed, as I work to resolve needs among us.
  • I will humbly search my own heart and will accept responsibility for ways in which I contribute to challenges in our home.
  • I will give oversight to every area of our family including our spiritual life; parenting; education; finances; ministry within and outside of our local church; our house and property; and more.
  • I will humbly, but in a courageous manner, confront others whose attitudes or actions diminish the joy of our family and the strength of our relationships.
  • When there is conflict I will work with _________ to identify expectations and to help us learn and actually advance in our relationship through this conflict event.
  • I will help us define areas in which her and my interests, gifts and abilities complement each other, and those which create conflict.
  • I will model the servant heart of Jesus as I carry out clear and courageous leadership in our home.
  • I am a man of God.
  • I am loved by God.
  • I am a cherished friend of many.
  • I know that God works all things for good for those who love Him – and I love Him.
  • When I am tempted to falter in these declarations, I will look to God and will be strengthened by Him in my spirit and soul – that is, in my inner spiritual man, and in my mind, will and emotions.

I hereby declare that, with God’s help, my family will function in accordance with the principles that God has ordained for us. We will be a blessing to each other, and our home will be marked by freedom and joy. We will be a testimony to the power of God and the life that comes through our Lord Jesus Christ and the work of His Holy Spirit, and He will make us an encouragement to many.


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