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Colonial Skimmer and Lake Amphibian Airplane Pictures and Information

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Date last modified: Dec. 26, 2012

Model and Construction Numbers with notes, mostly from FAA TCDS 1A17 Rev. 27
Construction Numbers Notes
1-14, 16-20, 22-25 Colonial Skimmer; Approved 9/55; 3-place, O-320, 150-hp; #2150; 40-gal;
115, 126-243 Colonial Skimmer; Approved 12/57, 4-place, O-360, 180-hp; #2350; 40-gal;
246-421, 423-429, 445, 446 Lake; Approved 6/60; Same as Colonial Model C-2 except four feet added to wing span; each aileron lengthened by 1 ft.,; 17 inches added to bow; rear wing-to-fuselage attachment revised; #2400; nose gear doors modified due to increase in bow extension; and reinforcement of wing and wing-to fuselage carry-through structure.
244 and 245 Lake; Approved 6/60; Same as LA-4 except the bow is the same as the Colonial Model C-2.
121 Lake; Approved 6/60; (Prototype) Same as Model LA-4 except rear wing-to-fuselage attachment not revised and reinforcement of wing and wing-fuselage carry-through structure not added.
LA-4-200 Buccaneer 422, 430- 444, 447 and up Lake; Approved 5/70; 4-place; IO-360, 200-hp; #2600; aux float fuel tanks;
Lake Model 250, 4-place Renegade, later Seafury 1-4 Lake; Approved 6/83; 4-place, IO-540, 250-hp; #3140 takeoff; Otherwise same as LA-4-200 except for vertical and horizontal tail surface configuration, horizontal tail trim surface, rudder trim tab, hull length, cargo door, landing gear “footprint” geometry, an structural modification to engine pylon and wing.
Lake Model 250, 6-place, 5 and up Same as Model 250 4-place except for rear seat, optional aux. fuel in wing floats, increase in nose ballast, and tail ballast compartment. Originally claled the Renegade, later the Seafury
The Lake 270T, or Turbo 270 are Lake Model 250's with the STC'd, 270-hp Lycoming TIO-540.
Aircraft on 12/27/10 U.S. Civil Aircraft Register (Not updated with 12/12 reposting)

Because of the several Type Certificate holders over the years it's hard to find all of the "Lake amphibians" in the FAA Register. A given model might be listed under several manufacturers.

If you go to the Make/Model search page, and (for example) enter "Aerofab" in the Make box, and nothing in the Model box, you would come with all of the Lakes that they have designated as Aerofab aircraft. If Aerofab made other aircraft it would show them as well. You can get more specific and put "LA-4" in the Model box, but then you'd miss several of their aircraft. In this case, if you put "LA" in the Model box, you would get all of them because those two letters just happen to be in the model name of all of the Lake amphibians they built. Other searches might not work that nicely.

Some of the Make/Models I have listed show 0 number of aircraft on the Register. I included them because they do represent a valid FAA Make/Model of aircraft, and although none are currently on the Register, they might be put back on in the future if a registration is reinstated if an aircraft is imported, rebuilt or etc..

- Aerofab, LA-4, 3
- Aerofab, LA-4A, 0
- Aerofab, LA-4P, 0
- Aerofab, Lake LA-4-200, 1
- Aerofab, Lake LA-4-250, 10
- Aerofab, Lake LA-250, 34
- Aerofab, Lake 250, 38
- Aerofab, Lake Seawolf, 2
- Colonial, C-1, 12
- Colonial, C-2, 10
- Consolidated Aeronautics, Lake LA-4, 24
- Consolidated Aeronautics, Lake 400, 0
- Consolidated Aeronautics, Lake LA-4-200, 220
- Consolidated Aeronautics, Lake LA-4-210, 1
- Consolidated Aeronautics, Lake Model 250, 3
- Lake, C-1, 0
- Lake, C-2, 0
- Lake, LA-4, 83 (10 in AK)
- Lake, LA-4A, 1
- Lake, LA-4P, 0
- Lake, LA-4S, 0
- Lake, LA-4-200, 126 (10 in AK)
- Lake Aircraft, LA250, 2
- Lake Dan, C-1, 0 (Exp., possibly modified C-1??)
- Lansche Aerospace, Lake 250, 2
- Revo, Colonial C-1, 0
- Revo, Colonial C-2, 0
- Revo, Lake 250, 4
- Revo, Lake LA-250, 0
- Revo, Lake LA-4, 0
- Revo, Lake LA-4-200, 0
- Revo, Lake LA-4P, 0

  Here's some interesting notes from FAA TCDS 1A17

Note 4: STC SA781EA is for converting an LA-4 into seaplane version only.
Note 6: Model LA-4-200: Maximum gross weight up to 2690 pounds is permitted when auxiliary fuel tanks are installed - - see details.
Note 8: STC AS469NE is for turbocharged version of a Lake Model 250 (making it the 270T)
Note 9 : SA264NE is for 34 gal. total usable fuel in wing tanks (17 gal. each)
Note 10: STC SA745NE is for converting the Lake Model 250 4-place into a Lake Model 250, 6-place
xxHistory of Type Certificate holder, from FAA TCDS 1A17
  Global Amphibians, LLC transferred TC 1A13 to Revo, Incorporated on September 30, 2004
Colonial Aircraft Company transferred TC 1A13 to Lake Aircraft Corporation on December 23, 1959
Lake Aircraft Corporation transferred TC 1A13 to Consolidated Aeronautics, Inc. on May 7, 1963.
Consolidated Aeronautics, Inc. transferred TC 1A13 to Revo, Incorporated on October 29, 1986.
Revo, Incorporated transferred TC 1A13 to Global Amphibians, LLC on October 28, 2002.
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