Subject: some diff
From: "John Staber Skimmerone"
Date: 1/3/2011 12:16 PM
To: "Ken Stoltzfus" <>

 The differences between the C-1 and C-2 are fairly small since they use the same basic airframe.  Inside the cocpit is where it really shows.   The C-1 had a fixed seat for two and one cross-wise in the back and a gross weight of 2150#.  It had a yoke coming up out of the floor with a little wheel on top and one sat quite aways back from the panel.   The C-2 had two moveable front seats and a bench seat in back and the yoke came out of the panel to give leg room for the front passengers.  The trim on the C-1 was tabs on the elevators for the first 12 and a bungee in the tail for the next 11,  the C-2 having hydraulic tabs on the horizontal stabilizer.  C-1 had 150 HP and C-2, 180HP.  C-1 had Hartzlite phenolic prop and the C-2 a Hartzell metal prop.  When the LA-4 came along the nose was lengthened to close in the gear when retracted, and 2 feet added to each wing, which included about 1 foot more aileron.  The 180 HP engine was used until 1969 thru the late 400 serial numbers and then came the 200.
Serial numbers were 1-14, 16-20, 22-25   C-1
   "         "          "     115, 121, 126 - 143   C-2
   "         "           "     244, 245     LA-4A    short nose and long wing
   "         "           "     121 converted to LA-4P
   "         "           "     consecutive from 246 to 1116  for LA-4-180 and LA-4-200
When totalling up total production one must subtract 200 from the 1116.
The Renegades start at #1 and end at 237, however a 100 random increase in serial numbers happened around #132.  Next one would be 233.
Serial number 410 was built without any landing gear as a straight seaplane, N7637L and now is N286ME. It was in British Columbia for quite a while and then bounced around through several owners and is now in Missouri.
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