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I have many old, original black and white 8x10's and slides of warbirds and other aircraft in my collection, and will be posting them from time to time. Most are for sale, and the photo ID and price are shown. Quantity discounts. Scans will remain on this site for others to enjoy, after the prints are sold.

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Martin XP6M-1 Seamaster - Two aircraft were built, i.e. cn XP-1 and XP-2, with USN BuNo 138821 and 138822. According to Baugher:

138821 (c/n XP-1) first flight Jul 14, 1955.  Crashed into Potomac River near junction of St. Mary's River Dec 7, 1955.  4 killed. Accident caused by malfunction in control system which caused violent pitchdown resulting in aircraft disintegration.

138822 (c/n XP-2) first flight May 18, 1956.  Crashed near Odessa, Delaware Nov 9, 1956 due to faulty elevator jack.  Crew of 4 ejected safely.

  1 - XP6M-1 appears to be moving slowly in the water under a low sun. Martin factory photo P-57522 (AM7 $20)
  2 - XP6M-1 in flight. (An older reprint, AM8 $10)
  3 - XP6M-1 on the ramp. (A recent reprint, AN2, $6)
  4 - XP6M-1 sitting quietly, tied to shore, in a low sun. I'm guessing it is the XP6M-1 because it doesn't have a BuNo on the vertical fin, like the YP6M-1's have. Martin photo P-55127. (AN3 $20)
  Martin YP6M-1 Seamaster - According to Baugher, six aircraft were built with cn YP-1 to YP-6, and USN BuNo 143822 - 143827. He says that all six were scrapped when the program was cancelled.
  1 - 3822, 143822, cn YP-1, the first YP6M-1, in flight. Note the nose lance, for flight test purposes. A recent reprint. Both 3822 and 3823 had the nose lance. (AM9 $6) (Same photo, older print, 5x7, AN1, $6)
  2 - Probably 3822, 143822 in the water, shot from above. Note that, as compared to the XP6M-1, the engine inlets are moved back from the leading edge, and the engines are canted outward to get exhaust heat away from the fuselage. Martin photo. (AN5, $20)
  3 - 3822 kicking up some spray. I suspect they did a lot of water testing before the first actual flight! Martin photo P-59554. (AN6 $20)
  4 - Kicking up more spray now, and probably soon in flight! Well maybe so, because a documentary movie says it was underpowered and used a lot of water to get up to speed! Martin photo P-59560. (AN7 $20)
  5 - 3822 in flight. What an incredible looking airplane! Martin photo P-59590 (AN8 $20)
  6 - 3822 in the water again. What a shot! Martin photo P-59982 (AN9 $20)
  7 - 3824, 143824, cn YP-3 coming out of the water in it's specially designed beaching gear. Martin photo P-60438 (AO1 $20)
  8 - 3822 in level flight. Their maximum speed was over 600-mph! Martin photo 8P-60525-A (AO2 $20)
  9 - 3822 in the water, probably soon after the above photo. Martin photo 8P-60627-A (AO3 $15)
  10 - The YP6M-1 Seamaster fleet! Martin photo P-61220. (AO6 $25) From this and the next photo I believe they are:
  1:00 – 3827
Center – 3822
4:00 –
6:00 – 3825
8:00 – 3823
11:00 -
  11 - Five of the YP6M-1 fleet from behind. Martin photo P-61201. (AO5 $25)
  Martin P6M-2 Seamaster - According to Baugher 24 P6M-2's were originally ordered, with cn P-7 to P-30, and USN BuNo 145876 - 145899. You can see some details on his site including the fact that cn P-15 thru P30 were cancelled.
  1 - P6M-2 model in a water tank. Note the reflection! Martin photo P-55383. (AN4 $20)
  2 - P6M-2, probably cn P-9, BuNo 5878, 145878, with the power up! The P6M-2 did not have the anhedral (negative dihedral) of the M-1. Martin photo P-61971 (AO7 $15)
  3 - 5878, 145878 in the air with a low sun. Martin photo P-61889 (A08 $15)
  4 - 5878, what lines! Martin photo P-61890. (AO9 $20) (2nd one AP1 $20)
  5 - 5878 in flight, with a March 3, 1959 press release (scroll down). Martin photo P-61894 (AP2 $20)
  6 - 5878 crusin' along. Same photo as above but no press release. (AP3 $15)
  7 - 5878 in the water. Note the modified forward fuselage here with much better visibility than the P6M-1, and you can see the refueling probe. See March 3, 1959 press release (scroll down). Martin photo P61972. (AP4 $25)



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