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Produced by Ken Stoltzfus (Sr.), Founder, Retired,
for my sons and now including some grandsons.

Most of these photos are my own,

with a few from negatives or slides in my collection.
  I do not have pdf's from the early calendars but am trying to get them.
  2017 35th Anniversary, Aviation's Many Faces in Different Places
  2016 Never Alone
  2015 The Way Things Were
  2014 Airplanes of Alaska
  2013 A Story of Fleets, Family and Change
  2012 30th, In Memory of Ken Stoltzfus Jr.
  2011 The Douglas DC-3, 75-Years and Counting
  2010 Desert Storage
  2009 Mixed
  2008 Mixed
  2007 25th Anniversary and Aviation Heritage Calendar
  2006 Mixed
  2005 Alaskan Summer
  2004 Seaplanes


I basically select the photos, lay them out and write the text,
but the final design, technical work and printing are done by:
Carlisle Printing of Walnut Creek, OH
I recommend them highly.

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