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Piper PA-22/20 Pacer Photos and Information
Including the "Bryant Producer" and other Stretched PA-22/20's
Last revised 1/24/13

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Piper PA-22-20 Tri-Pacer Information and Trivia


See my Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer page for details on the original PA-22's. I won't repeat that here.

Many O-290 powered Tri-Pacers have been converted to the O-320 and O-360 Lycomings, which is usually not indicated in the FAA Register. Model and engine information below is from the register and indicates the engine the aircraft was built with unless I have additional info.

It may not be a safe assumption, but I am assuming that floatplanes are PA-22-20's and not PA-22's.

Photos Are In sequence by SN - Some have multiple photos

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  SN Registration and Notes
1951 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N833A, PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer at PAFA Fairbanks International, Fairbanks, AK 5-10. Nothing spectacular, but a really, really nice looking airplane!
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N4790A, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, with seaplane door, and extended wings with square tips, at PAUO Willow Airport, AK 4-08

1952 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N2502A, PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer, now "PA-22-20 180 Super Pacer" with modified wings, vortex generators and float fittings on the edge of Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK 5-12

1953 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N1209C, PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer, at LAL Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Lakeland, FL 3-83 (AirPix slide)
  22-1785 Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N3513A, PA-22 Tri-Pacer, built as a '125, probably more now. at AQY Girdwood Airport, Girdwood, AK, 4-11.
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N3304B, PA-22 O-320 Tri-Pacer, action machine, with lots of mods including pilots' door. At TKA (or PATK) Talkeetna, AK 4-08, and again in 4-11 but now with a wood prop. It looks like a serious toy but maybe its for work.
  22-2539 1954 Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N1748P, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, float fittings, seaplane door, modified wings and more, at Willow AK, 4-11
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N1999P, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, with fancy skies, modified wings and vortex generators, at PABV Birchwood Airport, AK 4-08. Obviously, it was snowing when we were there! Oh - - I saw it again in 4-11 soaking in the rays at Merrill Field, Anchorage, and from the looks of the ramp, winter flying is over for the season.
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N2305P, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, at 2D7, Beach City, OH, 3-12. I was down there with grandson Austin Stoltzfus and saw this Pacer in the hanger while he was out doing some solo work in the Super Cub.
1955 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N2726P, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, with float fittings, sitting quietly at PAWD Seward, AK 7-04, and in 4-11 on the ramp at Anchorage.
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N2747P, PA-22 O-320 Tri-Pacer, seaplane door, float fittings, in winter wraps at PAUO Willow, AK 4-08
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N2760P, PA-22 O-320 Tri-Pacer, quite stock and looking bored, at PAHO Homer, AK 7-04. And again at Merrill Field, Anchorage, in 5-12 with the engine out for some work.
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N3644P, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, an absolute beauty on the east ramp at PAFA Fairbanks, AK 5-10. It is not radically modified but is certainly ready for action.
  22-3467 Piper Pacer PA-22-20 Pacer N3747P PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, typical Alaska style with naked gear, VG's, modified wings and more, on the ramp at Anchorage, 4-11. Nice!
  22-3488 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N3764P at the Golding Wings Flying Museum at Anoka County-Blaine Airport, Blaine, MN, 7-11.
  22-3715 1956 Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N4363A, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer with extra light for the cabin! Has float fittings.AT WILLOW 4-11
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N4444A, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, a workhorse at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK 4-11
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N4533A, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer with "the works" including seaplane rudder, at PAFA Fairbanks, AK 4-08
  22-3941 Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N4790A, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer waiting for spring, at Willow AK, 4-11.
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N5732D, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, at LAL, Lakeland, FL 3-85 (AirPix slide)
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N6024D, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, at Oshkosh 1983 (AirPix slide)
  22-4711 Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N6058D, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, at Willow, AK 4-11
1957 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N6157D, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, coming and going, at the Tube, Fabric and Tailwheels fly-in at 64I Lee Bottom Flying Field, Hanover, IN 9-07
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N6174D, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer with those fancy wing tips, sitting high and dry at PALH Lake Hood, AK 7-04
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N7027D, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacerat Birchwood, AK 5-10. I had seen it on floats, on Lake Hood, in 7-04. Flight training is offered. I saw it again in 4-11 at Birchwood.
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N328CB, formerly N7532D, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer. It's on the right about two miles toward Talkeetna from 3. Some things in life you can explain, some things you can't. I'm sure it is well protected from snow and sun on the wings but I just can't figure out what you do when you want to fly it. 4-11
  22-5610 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N8119D, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at ANC 5-12
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N86483, probably ex N8546D, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at Oshkosh 1989 (slide)
  22-5827 1958 Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N8624D, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at Soldotna, AK on an overcast day in 4-11.
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N8635D, PA22-160 Tri-Pacer at PANN Nenana, AK 5-10. I had seen it in 4-08, sans engine.
1958 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N8714D, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at the Tube, Fabric and Tailwheels fly-in at 64I Lee Bottom Flying Field, Hanover, IN 9-10. With that door standing open I should have gotten an interior shot!
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N8842D, 1958 PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK 5-10. Seaplane door, big tires, and squared off wings without fancy tips. Something about it says, "Let's go flying." I saw it again in 5-12.
  22-6064 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N8909D, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, at Nikiski, Alaska, 4-11. It has lost a bit of its former glory.
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N8930D, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at Oshkosh 1980. Note the engine cowl. More like "Take me to the ball," than the "Lets go find a wide spot on the beach" of an Alaskan bush plane! (slide)
Piper PA-22/20 N9038D Pacer PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at PAMR Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK in 7-04. Oops! It had "collided with large rocks lining the left side of the landing area" about a month before this photo. Note that the FAA said "landing area," not "runway."
  22-6206 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N450PM, ex N9154D, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK, 5-12. Photo 2
Piper PA-22/20 N9190D Producer, see below
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer G-BSED (British), PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, ex N9404D, 7-92 , to UK in 1990. I'd feel blessed to own it too! (slide)
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N9612D, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, with a little help from my flash, at Z41 Lake Hood Strip 5-10.
  22-6530 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N9619D PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK 5-12
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N9697D, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer a cherished Pacer that belongs to my friend Mel Reed. Clean panel. 11-03
1959 Piper Pacer PA-22/20 N9749D, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer ready to take on a rough "landing area," at Z41 Lake Hood Strip 5-10, and in 4-08 at PAEN Soldotna, AK
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N2811Z, Tri-Pacer PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, with some wing mods including fences at Soldotna, AK 4-11.
1959 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer G-ARBS, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, ex N2868Z, 7-89, to UK 1960, from Piper Corp.
Piper PA-22/20 N2865Z Producer, see several photos below
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N3074Z, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, looking quite stock except for something like 8:50-6 tires, at Z41 Lake Hood Strip 7-04
1960 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N766W, ex N3355Z, PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, obviously a fly-in photo, at the Tube, Fabric and Tailwheels fly-in at 64I Lee Bottom Flying Field, Hanover, IN 9-10
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N4NW, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, probably in Alaska. (slide)
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer G-JEST, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, now G-ARGY, to UK in1960, at Cranfield 7-90. Nosedragger pilots should never ever jest about what a taildragging PA-22 could do to them. (slide)
    Per FAA Spec 1A6 the last Tri-Pacer was 22-7999, and Colts were 22-8000 and up.
1961 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N4580Z, PA-22-108, a Colt with an extra window, at BGQ Big Lake, AK 5-10
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer G-GGLE, PA-22-108 Colt, ex N5234Z, to UK in1993, at North Weald 5-94. Does that greenhouse on a Colt make you giggle? (slide)
Piper PA-22/20 Pacer N5835Z, 1963 PA-22-108 Colt, "The Good Doctor," at PAWD Seward, AK 7-04
Stretched PA-22s and the "Producer"

Steve Bryant holds STC SA3614NM for the Producer airplane, a certificated four-place aircraft created by modifyig a PA-22 Tri-Pacer, including conventional gear, stretching the fuselage by 24 inches and installing modified PA-14 type wings.
Some Producers are STC'd and are certificated in Standard Category. They have retained their original Piper serial number. Others might be almost identical but are certificated as Experimental and have the builders serial number.
It seems to me that the Producer is an incredibly practical airplane that would be a lot of fun to fly. Here outside - and - inside is a brochure that Steve sent me a few years ago, scanned as photo images. Following are photos of two STC'd Producers but I know that more have been produced.

Piper PA-22/20 N9190D Producer, from a PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, on the edge of Lake Hood, AK 5-10, and then on floats in 4-11.
Piper PA-22/20 N2865Z, PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at Fairbanks, AK 5-10, and on floats in 7-04. Note the pilots' emergency exit.
The following aircraft are Producers or a spin-off or a similarily modified PA-22, and are certificated as Experimental. I'll bet you can't watch this youtube video of the short-field landing contest at Valdeze, without playing it over and over:
  22BC1 N1335K, the 1982 "Stephen C. Bryant Producer" on the edge of Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK, 5-12. Lycoming O-320 powered. On a forum on Supercublorg Steve Bryant says, " N1335K was actually the second Producer, which I built (as an experimental prototype) . with my father's help, which was what got us back on track to get the multiple STC for the certified Producers. "
N850AF, the 2001 "Tom Young Arctic Fox" at PAHO Homer, AK 4-08. Tom Young built this up from a Colt but I don't know the original SN. It has a Lycoming O-360. Tom gave me a ride and it's the only time I was ever in an airplane that taxied to the numbers and took off - - the short way. Here's a 4-11 photo. This is very much Tom's own design but it is very Producer-like and he and Steve are friends.
  BC1-1 N86AK, the 2000 "Larry L. Siegrist Bush Cruiser" as seen at Homer, AK, 4-11. It has an O-320 Lycoming.
  1 N2051Z, the 1984 "William G. Nelson, Nelson Amphibian", O-320 powered, on PALH Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK, 5-12. It may have been amphibious at one time but its not now.
  01 N7531Z, the "Robert Madigan MA-20" at Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK 4-11
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