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  A "spoken word" by guest writer Brandon Jurkovich


So typically around this time of the year
We topically think of the Christmas cheer
And it's all kind of fun yet it's all kind of weird

Family from out of town comin over red rover trying to break through
365 chains of no contact yeah you know that's a fact

Walls slowly torn down with small talk only to be built back up as
They walk out the door into that cold cold world no Fahrenheit
Rather lackin sight with no insight to what seems like hopeless blight
Because we stuck to clichés like "how's the weather?" And "you'll be alright"

But why are they even there? For ham and gravy? For family, gifts, and
Maybe, but you know why they're there

Because of one not born to be wild
But one born to be the one and only child of God
His name is Christ and let's not take it out of the word Christmas
Don't mistake because what's at stake is the difference between real and fake

So often though, we forget what really happened on that marvelous day in that miraculous way,
But nothing comes to pass if it didn't happen
In the manner in which they prophesied it would

Yeah Jesus is the reason for the season but let's go a little deeper shall we no shallow end see

I hope you drink your coffee black because Jesus was no half and half
He was not half man and half God rather He was fully Man and fully God
No facade of a misconception

You see, even at the point of this intricate inception
This complicated yet captivating conception, Jesus Christ was more human than everyone you see here no exception all perfection

Yet, He was so completely God, not just made in the Likeness of God like we are, but he was so completely God Himself

No intercourse of course, Joseph willing to secretly divorce was unnecessary according to the rest of this Divine discourse that we read in our God-breathed Source

Oh what relief for Joseph when that angel of the Lord appeared, not because of the fornication he feared but rather because of what the angel revealed

Belief was spurred when heard because with one word, Jesus, his heart was stirred, with another, Immanuel, God is with us all is well.

You see, the Holy Spirit's conception
The Son's inception
And the Father's protection
What an amazing manifestation of the incarnation of the Divinity by a woman's virginity through the working of the trinity

Yeah Christmas is about the delivering of the deliverer and about Jesus Christ coming to earth but let's not forget the ultimate worth of that unprecedented birth

Because if Jesus wasn't born of a virgin then He wouldn't be purgin you from your sins
There'd be no urgin to repent and believe in Him
No Holy Spirit surgin within
No Spurgeon preachin on sin
Sorry Rob Bell,
But not believing this foundational truth is kinda like a fish without fins
Like a top that never spins
Essentially what I'm saying is that it's essential to receive forgiveness of sins!
Besides, truth wins

So this Christmas season
Let's not commit treason and forget the true reason that we're even breathin

But let's remember the whole story
And let's always remember to give God all the glory

© 2011 Brandon Jurkovich, used by permission. Ken Stoltzfus,, P.O. Box 228, Kidron, OH 44636.



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