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The Call
#5 in a series


“The Call” and “The Worship of Surrender” (#6 in this series) came to me years ago as I was contemplating the meaning of worship in preparation for teaching in our church. Please judge them according to God’s Word. If He confirms that they represent His heart, soak on them and invite them to speak to your heart.

As you do, picture yourself kneeling in front of a malnourished puppy with burrs in its coat, beckoning it to come and take the food in your hand. You so badly want to feed it and give it the care it needs, but it is frightened and stays a safe distance away. You can tell it wants to come but so far it hasn’t trusted you enough. There is something about the little guy that is appealing and you keep trying – just like God does with us.

The Call

My desire for worship springs from the very core of My being.
Ihave made you.
I have given you life.
Your life flows forth from My life.
I call you to come back to Me, 
   To find your life in My life.
That is worship

To whatever or whomever you look as your source of life,
   to that you give worship.

That which becomes the object of your hearts search,
   that you worship.

That which you would embrace and cling to;
   fearing that without it you would lose the meaning of  life,
to that you offer worship.

That which most warms your heart by its presence,
   or the assurance of it's coming;
or leaves you feeling cold and lifeless in it's absence,
   or the fear of it's loss,
to that you bow in worship.

You worship.
You will worship.
I have made you to worship.
You cannot refuse to worship,
But you chose the object of your worship.
I call you - - to worship Me!



Born in 1940, Ken Stoltzfus has worked as a pilot, ordained Christian minister, businessman, missionary to Africa and writer. This is #5 in his series "Poetry and Piety" and is one of many short articles that can be found at

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