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The Light in this Darkness
#1 in a series

Written for friends who were struggling with a painful loss


Light is light,
  only because darkness is darkness.
If there were no darkness,
  light would not be known.
Darkness becomes the servant of light,
  for those who choose light over darkness.

Frequently God must allow darkness,
  in order to show us light.
Else we would continue in darkness,
  or at least in the shaded place,
  thinking it to be light.

It is in the darkness,
  the times when we cannot see
    where to place our steps next,
  that God speaks.
Or – is it that
  only then we have listened for His voice?

He would prefer it to be otherwise!
He despises darkness more than we,
  for He IS light,
  and in Him is no darkness at all.

When His chosen ones,
  call darkness or shadows light;
When they believe their way
  is the way of God,
  but it is not perfectly so;
He will allow them to see real darkness,
  in order that they may see real light.

For some the path seems strewn
  with broken darkness.
Others seem to travel along so easily.
But God has not called all alike,
   and those whom He has chosen for His
Must expect those experiences which reveal
  every unsurrendered portion of their heart.

The depth of agony in the darkness,
  is not so much an indicator
  of the wretchedness of their heart
  as compared to other hearts.
It is indicative rather,
  of the depths of purity
  that God is bringing forth
  more and more
  each time darkness breaks into light.

One must compare his heart only,
  with the heart of Jesus.
In error we compare our heart
   with that of others.
We question the circumstances
  which God has allowed to come into our life,
  to shape our hearts to be like His Son.

God is both mysterious, and known,
  and so His ways.
We can anticipate His actions,
  yet find ourselves surprised and amazed.
It would be a paradox,
  except that God is God,
  and man is man!

It is not in man,
  to direct his own steps.
How much more vain then,
  to think that he can order
  the steps of God!
The counsel of man
  is wrought with ignorance and selfishness.
Wisely does God take counsel
  only with Himself
  in directing the affairs of yesterday,
  and tomorrow.

He acts according to complete knowledge,
  of what is eternally good and true.
He can stand at either end of history,
  and see the other end,
  all in a glimpse.

Man is precious in the sight of God.
Loved enough
  to be purchased with royal blood,
  and adopted into the royal family.
Yet each life is but a breath.
In God's eyes precious but brief.
One of billions.
Yet in arrogance,
  and with an inappropriate sense of
Man would rise up
  and require God to shape history
  around his own needs,
  albeit frequently, selfish desires.

In the end God is God.
The Great I AM,
  is still the Great I AM.
The sun will rise,
  and the sun will set.
Eternity will be eternity;
But man will come
  and man will go;
  God has ordained it to be so.

To those who have
  received life through the Son;
Mysteries will be fully revealed
  and all of God will be fully known
  in that Day when they pass
  into the light of His eternal glory
  in the life beyond this one.

But more of the light
  of the knowledge of God
  awaits them even today;
If they allow the darkness of their sorrow
  to break forth into the light
  of the knowledge that in all
This revelation will become a lodestar.
When it goes from the mind
  to the heart,
  it becomes the assurance of peace.
It is the bedrock of rest
  and the foundation of hope.
Trust springs forth as a fountain,
  refreshing the soul
  each time a new desert appears.

Future battles will be fought differently now.
A new level has been reached.
The weapons of peace
      and trust
  are brought to bear upon every darkness
  which would prevail
    upon the child of light.

And therein lies the victory
Therein lies the light
  of the present darkness
To all who will walk in it!

Romans 11:33-36, Hebrews 13:20, 21   



Born in 1940, Ken Stoltzfus has worked as a pilot, ordained Christian minister, businessman, missionary to Africa and writer. This is #1 in his series "Poetry and Piety" and is one of many short articles that can be found at

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