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Nothing Else Matters
#7 in a series


  These thoughts came to me in a quiet time on October 11, 2010

The only thing that matters is that you know Me and My resurrection power.

You will be confused by the issues of the day. The many conflicting voices. The expressions of concern which come to you from persons whom you respect.

You are concerned about things of a political nature. The right. The left. The radical right and the radical left.

You are concerned about political agenda and the rights assured by your Constitution.

You are concerned about issues related to sexuality including abstinence, abortion and what are known as gay rights.

You are concerned about the economy. Jobs. Health insurance. Social Security. Immigration.

You are concerned about many things, some of which actually represent My interests. Some of the things that trouble you, also trouble Me because they become the source of restlessness in your souls. They become distractions to you and the object of your focus. They fill your minds as you watch world events. As you watch the news. And they have even become the center of your conversations.

You ought to be concerned. The issues that have captured your hearts and your imagination are a legitimate threat to the life you have known. Men of integrity and insight will understand what is happening and will see the path that logically lies ahead. In your concern however, you are missing the point. You are focusing on things of the earth at the expense of seeing what it means in light of My purposes and My plan.

All events of the earth are My servants. Nothing that happens, just happens. All are the result of man’s choices and their consequences. All have potential to show you the futility of man and his ways. All have potential to help you see a new and better way through relationship with Me – which comes through the surrender of your heart and your will, to Me.

There are many conflicting voices today. Some are from within the Church. Some from the political arena. And others are from the pit. All identify and point toward a supposed solution to the challenges that face your nation and your world.

There are many deceiving voices. There are many which can, by the design of our enemy, lead you away from the true place of hope and life.

The future of America is not the issue. What will be, will be, because of choices and consequences. Let not your hearts be troubled. Let not your mind be distressed. Refuse to let your imagination focus on what you see with your earthly eyes because it is not things of the earth that really matter.

The only things that matter are those which have to do with life that is beyond your few years on this earth. That is, things eternal – for you and for those over whom you have influence.

It is the issues of My heart that ought to most fill your hearts. Any distress of your soul ought to be in that your world is missing the life that I offer – for now and for forever.

You are at the center of a battle. It is not only a battle in the political, moral and theological arenas. It is a battle between good and evil at their most foundational level, and that means it is a battle between the Sovereign Creator God, Whose purpose is to give you righteousness, peace and joy forever – and Satan, our enemy, whose sole purpose is to rob you of them.

Days of deception lie ahead. Darkness is covering the earth and it has only begun. Even many in the Church are being deceived because they have set their eyes in the wrong place and they are listening to the voice of men instead of My voice.

There is no hope except My hope. There will be no peace but My peace. There will be no joy, but my joy, and all will be yours as you look to Me as your Source. If you care about what I care about.

Lay aside your arguments within the church. Erase the lines that now divide you from others who follow Me. Call “brother” and “sister” those, and only those, who are My sons and daughters through My Son, Jesus Christ.

Seek Me as you have never before sought me. Seek not theological purity. Believe in Jesus. Seek not signs and wonders. Believe in My power to bring life, and all I have provided through My Son Jesus, and trust Me to bring it in the way I chose.

Nothing matters except that I am made known to the minds and hearts of men through the events of these days. Nothing on earth can be your source of peace and security. I am that to you. Nothing on earth can become your source of identity. You are Mine. You are a child of the Living God.

Your purpose, your identity and your mark of success are in living in relationship with me, and that means that you give yourself to only that which I give Myself to. And that means that nothing on the earth can capture your hearts because you have given them to Me. And that means you are captured by man’s highest calling which is to worship Me and to live in a way that allows My glory to shine from within you. And which frees rivers of living water to flow from within you to touch and bless others and to call them into relationship with Me.

Nothing else matters. Why are you so concerned about things that don’t really matter?

Ken Stoltzfus
October 10, 2010


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