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Travel Air Biplane Photos and Information


Travel Air aircraft built by the Travel Air Company, and after 1929 by that division
of Curtiss-Wright and marketed by the Curtiss-Wright Sales Corporation.

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Other Travel Air Airplanes

This page is for biplanes only. Please go to my Travel Air main page for links to information and photos on high and low wing Travel Airs along with some featured biplanes.

Most of these photos are from negatives, photos and slides from my aviation collection (and are available for purchase. A number of the slides have (Stewart) after the aircraft description, indicating that they are by Chuck or Chuck Stewart, i.e. Charles E. Stewart the father, and/or Charles R. Stewart the son. They often worked together on air-to-air shots, one flying and the other shooting. A few are my own photos.

Travel Air 1000 N241, Model 1, sn 1, "Maiden Wichita", on my Travel Air main page.
Travel Air 2000 C1846, sn 239, Aerofiles says converted to to S-2000. Ford Motor Co. photo.
Travel Air 2000 airplane photo
travel air 4000 picture
Travel Air 4000 N3242, 1927 sn 256, with a 300-Lycoming
and constant speed prop. An 8-95 Stewart slide ->
travel air 4000 picture
<- Travel Air 4000 N3945, 1928 sn 319 at Watsonville 6-75
  Travel Air 3000 photo Travel Air 3000 N3947, 1928 sn 321 at Blakesburg, 8-06 (Stewart)
Lindberg, Travel Air 4000
Travel Air 4000 4264, sn 364. Handwritten on the back are, "Lindy over Missouri River in new Travel Air biplane, Wright J-5 Whirlwind motor" and "C.A. Lindbergh flies a Travel Aire Wright J-5 Whirlwind engine. This air mail ship used by Robertson Air Lines, St. Louis, Mo." A Wichita Evening Eagle photo from the Jesse Davidson Air Mail Collection.
  Travel Air 4000 airplane picture
Travel Air 4000 N4321, 1928 sn 374. A 9/77 photo and it looks like the Great American Flying Circus, established in 1922, is hopping passengers in the 300-Lycoming powered Travel Air.
Travel Air 4000 NC5432, 1928 sn 521. An old photo - - it is Wright powered and "The way things were." Registration N5432 is now assigned to Travel Air 3000 sn 519, which was originally N5430.
Travel Air 4000 picture
  Travel Air airplane picture
Travel Air 4000 N5433, 1928 sn 522, with a 225-Lycoming and not "The way thngs were," at PRB, Paso Robles Municipal Airport, CA, 10-03. (Stewart)
Travel Air 4000 N5433
Travel Air BM-4000 5436, sn 525. Three aircraft used on the Cleveland-Louisville route. The middle one is Travel Air BM-4000 6024 sn 553, and the far one Travel Air 4000 5435, sn 524. From the Jesse Davidson Air Mail Collection.
Travel Air BM-4000 air mail
  Travel Air 4000 N6010, 1928 sn 539, with 300-Lycoming, at CGZ, Casa Grande Municipal Airport, AZ, 3-00. Historical sources say it is a 2000, and I suspect it was built as a 2000 and converted to a 4000, as apparently were more below. (Stewart)
Travel Air 4000 N6010
Travel Air 4000 N6085, sn 589, with a 300-Lycoming, at BKB 9-95. Pretty! Another 2000/4000. (Stewart)
Travel Air airplane picture
  Travel Air 4000 N6106, 1928 sn 604 with a 220-Continental and a winter front. It has a "Life is simple, let's go flying" look! Probably another 2000/4000. Looks like Tullahoma in 11-04 (Stewart)
Travel Air N6106 picture
  Travel Air aircraft photo Travel Air 2000, NC6116, 1928 sn 614. A 1934 photo and - - "What can I say?" It looks like an interesting bunch of fellows, maybe after "a few." Still on the FAA register as a 4000.
Travel Air 2000 N6117, 1928 sn 615, with the Curtiss OXX-6 engine. Regal, and very original except for the tail wheel in place of the skid - - sort of a necessity in our day. At LAL, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, FL, 3-85 (An AirPix slide)
Travel Air 2000 picture
  Travel Air airplane sprayer Travel Air 4000 sprayer N6203, 1928 sn 655, with a 300-Lycoming. (Will Blunt Collection)
Travel Air 2000 C6224, sn 676, "Emily" of Stifel Flying Association. This is a classic! A large negative in my collection. Possibly Wheeling, WV area??
Travel Air 2000 airplane picture
Travel Air 2000 N6249, sn 700, see Chris D. Stoltzfus page
Travel Air 2000 airplane in museum
Travel Air S-2000 N6282, sn 721 at VA Aviation Museum in Richmond, VA, 11-06 Travel Air in Virginia
  Travel Air C-4000 airplane
Travel Air C-4000 N6298, 1929 sn 745, at Chino 1-66. This is typical of how many looked at that time. Note "Grieve Air Service" on the hangar. And then - - in restored condition at Blakesburg, 9-99! Another 2000/4000 (Stewart)
Travel Air Aircraft Company
  Travel Air 4000 picture Travel Air 4000 N6464, 1928 sn 785, with a Wright R760. At Blakesburg, 5-94 Stewart photos including this close up! Travel Air at Blakesburg
Travel Air 3000 C6478, 1928 sn 789, with a Hisso engine. This is the airplane in which Louise Thaden established a new women's altitude record of over 22,500' in 1928, and then in 1929 she set a solo endurance record by staying up for over 22-hours. It is now on the FAA register as a D-4000.
Travel Air 3000 airplane
Travel Air A-4000 X9017, sn 818 with an Axelson engine. "X" was for "Experimental" because it was a test bed for the Axelson engine. Registration was cancelled in 1933. Info says it was converted to a 4000, and then to a 4-U by Timm.
Travel Air 4000-A Axelson
Travel Air 2000 N9032 duster or seeder, 1929 sn 833, from the 4-06 Air Classics magazine. The article says it has a 220-Continental but I'm sure it's a 300-Lycoming. (Note the governor on the lower, front) It's another 2000/4000.
Travel Air 4000 sprayer N9032
  Travel Air 4000 aircraft photo Travel Air 4000 N9049, 1929 sn 850 at Evergreen Flying Service in 8-75. It was originally a W-4000 and appears to have a Wright J-4 mounted on it.
  Travel Air E-4000 airplane
Travel Air E- 4000 N9088, 1929 sn 869 at Osh 1975. Looks like a 300-Lycoming. An ex duster but it sure doesn't look like it! Probably a 2000 converted to a C-4000 and now an E-4000. (Don't be fooled into thinking I know what all those models represent. I don't - - but I can report what I find in reference sources!)
Travel Air 4000 sprayer N8413 sn 895, see Travel Air main page
Travel Air 4000 N8877, 1929 sn 913, "City of San Francisco, Crissy Field" Pacific Air Transport, Air Mail, with a Wright R760. Another 2000/4000. Stewart slides and beautiful shots!.
Pacific Air Travel Air airplane
Travel Air biplane picture
  Travel Air 2000 airplane photo <-- Travel Air 2000 N8853, 1929 sn 928, 220-Continental powered, at Lakeland 4-94
Travel Air antique Lakeland
Travel Air 2000 N8870, 1929 sn 937,
220-Continental, at Lakeland 4-99 -->
Travel Air 2000 NC8846, sn 948, see Chris D. Stoltzfus page
Travel Air antique airplane Oshkosh
Travel Air 4000 N8700, 1929 sn 976,
a 3000/4000. 6-83 at Merced (Stewart)
Travel Air 4000 aircraft
Travel Air 4000 N9831, 1929 sn 1052 ,
a 2000/4000, at OSH-94
  1929 Travel Air B-4000 Travel Air B-4000 N9872, 1929 sn 1059, Parks Airlines, Inc.. Nice shots from way back in 2-67! 220-Continental power. Travel Air antique airplane
  Travel Air 4000 sprayer
Travel Air B9-4000 N9917, 1929 sn 1103. 2004?
Travel Air aircraft N9872
Travel Air E-4000 sprayer N9918, 1929 sn 1104
  Antique airplanes at Blakesburg Travel Air 4000 N9907, 1929 sn 1117 at Blakesburg
9-01. A 2000/S-2000/4000 (Stewart)
Antique airplanes at Chino
Travel Air C-4000 N9952, 1929 sn 1150, at Chino 2-66
Travel Air C-4000 NC639H sn 1200, see Chris D. Stoltzfus page
Travel Air 4000 N674H, 1929 sn 1219, Barnstormer Rides, 8-95.
A 220-Continental powered 2000/4000 (Stewart)
Travel Air airplane rides
Travel Air 4000 N648H
Travel Air E-4000 N648H, 1929 sn1224. Right, at Oshkosh '82 with a Wright 540 I believe, and left at Oshkosh '92 with a 220-Continental. (Both AirPix slides)
Travel Air airplane Oshkosh
Travel Air W-4000 696H, sn 1263, with a Warner-Scarab. Registration cancelled 6/38. However, I have a problem with the W-4000 thing and think it's a Wright J-6. Compare it to the W-4000 (rear exhaust) in my Travel Air brochure on the main page. Some sources say it was a BE-4000 converted to a D-4-D. ????
Travel Air W-4000 airplane
  Travel Air 4-D airplane picture
Travel Air D-4000 N671H, 1929 sn 1266
with a different "look," at CGZ 3-94 (Stewart)
Travel Air D-4000 airplane
Travel Air 4-D N689K, 1929 sn 1270 ,
Wright R-760, 3-06 (Stewart)
Travel Air 4000 N359M duster, sn 1271. I believe it was built as a W-4000 but the FAA now calls it an L-4000, maybe because of the 300-Lycoming. This is when pilots of such airplanes were truly "crop dusters." (Will Blunt Collection)
Travel Air 4000 duster
Travel Air airplane Tullahoma
Travel Air 4000 N367M, 1929 sn 1295 as seen at Tullahoma 10-05. The wheel pants give it a nice touch and the 300-Lycoming makes it a great performer. It's a pretty bird from any angle. That's probably a Beech AT-10 exhaust system.
Travel Air 4000 John Parish
The Travel Airs have a distinctive tail profile. And now we've come full circle! Sources indicate this is another 2000/4000.
Travel Air E-4000 N397M, 1929 sn 1317, of Nostalgic Wings. I believe it has a 220-Continental. A 9-02 shot, and that Stewart duo had done a lot of nice photography!
Travel Air E-4000 Airplane picture
Travel Air Z-4-D duster
Travel Air duster airplane
Travel Air Z-4-D duster 410N, sn 1325, with a Wright J-6 engine. Here's a closeup of the front and here's the brochure on the Z-4-D. Only two were built but many others were converted to dusters or sprayers.

Travel Air D-4-D N434N, 1929 sn 1340, the famous "Pepsi Cola Travel Air" as seen in 9-85. It is now in the Smithsonian, National Air and Space Museum. Built as an E-4000 and powered by a Wright R760 I believe.

Pepsi Travel Air Z-4-D
Travel Air D-4000 N455N, 1361, built as a 4-D I believe, powered by a 220-Continental, as seen in 4-00. It may look a little plain among it's more illustrious page partners here but countless others would join me in drooling over the opportunity to fly it, let alone own it!
Travel Air airplane picture
Around 1000 Travel Airs were built in 1929. The company was bought by Curtiss Wright in late 1929
but I don't know where the serial number break is between the two companies.
  Travel Air B-4000 airplane
Travel Air B-4000 N174V, 1930 sn 1365, and its pretty from any angle. Excellent 8-93 shots, and Stewart, of course! Now in Kermit Weeks collection.
Travel Air airplane picture
Travel Air 4-S, 4000 NR469N sn 1383, see Chris D. Stoltzfus page
  Travel Air B-14B Aircraft picture
Travel Air B-14B N12332, 1932 sn 2010, Wright R-975 and I'll bet its a blast! Silver Age (1928-1936) Outstanding Open-Cockpit Biplane at Osh 2014. Shown at Osh '89 (left) and an old photo in my collection (right).
Travel Air B-14B airplane
Travel Air 12-Q N430W, 1931 sn 12Q-2001, see the Chris D. Stoltzfus page
Travel Air 12W airplane picture
Travel Air 12-W X434W, 1931 sn 12w-2002.
Possibly the prototype, with that "X"
Travel Air 12W N413W, 1931 sn 12W2017, 12-69
photo. See 'Mission Aviation' sign behind. Cute!
Travel Air 12W N408W, 1931 sn 12W-2018, see Chris D. Stoltzfus page.
  Travel Air 12Q G-AAOK ex N370N, sn 12Q-2026, prob. at Hullavington UK 5-07 Travel Air 12Q, G-AAOK
  Travel Air 16-E N12380 Travel Air 16-E N12380, 1933 sn 3520, with a Wright 540. At OSH 9-75 and on floats at Winter Haven, FL, 4-92. Cute! Travel Air 16-E floatplane
One of the Tallmantz Travel Airs as a German Fokker. Slide says Ranger engine, at Chino, CA 11-65. There is a list of Tallmantz aircraft here but I can't identify a Travel Air with a Ranger.
tallmantz travel air airplane
  The photo on the right appears to have the same engine installation including the brace down toward the lower front, which might indicate a heavier engine, but it has a white tail. Help??
  Tallmantz movie airplanes
Another of the Tallmantz Travel Airs as German Fokker D VII 7745. Is this Travel Air 2000 sn 707, N6268, "Wichita Fokker" with an OX-5 "Tank" engine?
Frank Tallman Travel Air
  Travel Air 3000
This official Beech photo says this is a 3000 with a P&W engine. First of all, I really don't think its a 3000 and not even a Travel Air, although that looks like one in the background. Secondly, I think that's a Wright J-4 on there and not a P&W. Any help from out there?
C. T. "Red" Jensen. The brochure for the April 25, 1980 C. T. "Red" Jensen auction in Sacramento indicates that they were selling Travel Air D-4000 NR436N, and L-4000 NR8132.
Delta Crop Dusters. According to the Delta Flight Museum, Delta Crop Dusters had operated three Travel Airs, i.e. NR64E SN 154; NR5395 SN 501; and NR5396 SN 502
Precessi Brothers. Here's a story on Travel Air 4000 N3977, sn 326, which operated in California for many years. (The photo of loading an airplane, shows a Stearman, not the Travel Air.)
Two pages of Travel Air ag aircraft from" America's Flyways" magazine, 5-05. Includes some Wacos. Here are page 1 and page 2.
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