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The K&K Aircraft, Turbine Twin Beech Fleet

at Los Alamitos, CA, Oct. 2003
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turbine twin beech photo

1/21/11 - K&K Aircraft was launched by Karl and me in 1967, as a way to pay our way through college. We both had families to provide for, college tuition to pay - and little $$$. We launched Avotek Suppliers a couple of years later.

I stepped out in 1972 to pursue other interests, and in 1974 Karl bought Bridgewater Airpark, Bridgewater, VA, moved the business there, and grew it. K&K evolved from aircraft parts into a flight operation in the early 1980's and was subsequently renamed Dynamic Aviation. He later sold Avotek Suppliers to his son, Karl Jr.


These Beech's must have been "swapping lies," as we say, and look what happened to their noses! There's a lot of history here. Corporate execs, and rich and famous passengers in years gone by. Then lots of cargo, and more recently billions of sterile Mediterranean Fruit Flies. The fifth aircraft was in the maintenance bay when I took these photos.

I took these photos at Los Alamitos, CA in Oct. 2003. My twin brother, Karl Stoltzfus, operated five turbine Beech 18's on various government contracts and at the time they were being used for Med Fly control. I had asked Karl how long the five would be together and he said, "Not long!" Oh!! They are a unique airplane and rarely do you find five Twin Beech's in one place. It sounded to me like a quick trip to the west coast.

All of Karl's 18's had the long, Hamilton nose. Actually, with those long nacelles they'd look pretty strange without it, wouldn't they? Two of them were Volpar Tri-gear's at one point. The BE-18T's have a gross weight of 11,230 pounds, which gives them nearly 50% useful load. Not many aircraft achieve that ratio!


Photo 2 - The eyes have it. All of these aircraft had around 30,000 hours total time! They were certainly the highest time Beech 18 fleet in the world, but were well maintained. Photo 3 - Do you remember the kid who always stood out in a grade-school photo? That's "38 Lima". The red rudders make it stand out like the kid who always had that certain grin that drew your eyes to him. Karl had previously parted out several BE-18T's, including E-18-S, sn BA-43, N711DN; E-18S, sn BA368, N342T; and possibly another.


N38L, 1952 TC-45J, Beech sn 6323, U.S. Navy BuNo 51132, BE-18T Hamilton Westwind

ex N16008, C-GBLI

at Los Alamitos, CA, Oct. 2003

1/21/11 - N38L was Karl's first turbine '18, after having operated numerous piston powered aircraft. His fleet of five turbines flew well over 50,000 accident free hours, but by Oct. 2003 their days were numbered.

N38L represented the Beech 18 series in a very interesting way. First, it was a C-18 series military SNB-2C, and #7850 gross. It was then factory-converted to the D-18 series TC-45J/SNB-5 and #8750 gross. It then progressed all the way to #11,230 gross, turbine, long nose, high cabin and G-18 cockpit. How many aircraft have evolved to that degree - all on one airframe?

turbine twin beech
Photo 2 - Not a good time to ask a Twin Beech pilot what he's doing for supper tonight. He's real serious, right here. Photo 3 - It's okay with me if a long-nose turbine '18 taildragger appears to have its nose in the air a bit. These airplanes are in a class of their own. Photo 4 - Not your typical Beech 18 panel. All of Karl's turbine Beech's had been upgraded with King Air annunciator panels and fuel system components. Photo 5 - One of the few aircraft whose back side makes a decent shot. Photo 6 - The Hamilton cargo door as used on many Twin Beechs.
Photo 7 - Out with the old and in with the new. Karl was gradually replacing his BE-18T's with King Air's in order to standardize his fleet. He has a whole bunch of the Army U-21's, which are a non-pressurized King Air with a cargo door. Photo 8 - Sun is setting on the commercial BE-18 fleet. They had their day, intimidating some pilots but giving others countless treasured memories to carry into the future.
Unofficial History: Originally built in the early 1940's as a Navy SNB-2C Navigator, which was a C-18 series aircraft. it was one of over 2000 military C-18's converted by the factory to the D-18 series in the early 1950's. It became a TC45J/SNB-5, with the single fuel system and a wobble pump, instead of the dual fuel system and submerged fuel boost pumps which the Air Force C-45H has.

First document in FAA records is a Bill of Sale dated July 26, 1965. Normandie Iron & Metal, of Goodyear, AZ, paid the U.S. Government $454.00 for "TC45J/SNB-5, USN BU NO. 51132".

Sept-71, sold to Hamilton Aircraft Company, Tucson, AZ, as N16008. The bill of sale was signed by Sol Kotz, a gentleman my father knew well. Nov-71, Hamilton gave the aircraft as collateral, as a "Hamilton Westwind". Mar-75, Hamilton application for original airworthiness certification, 337 shows spar kit, extended nose, 11,100# gross weight kit, cargo/airstair door, crew door, cargo floor, and two-piece windshield. Apr-75, Standard Airworthiness Certificate, application showed 6500-hours TT. June-74, Hamilton, collateral again as a "C-45-Westwind III", still N16008. June-75, sold to Maxson Aviation, Kotzebue, AK, as Beech C-45, N16008. They registered it as a TC-45J. Aug-79, converted to PT6A-20 engines, in Alaska. Nov-79, sold to Condor Aviation, Mt. Hope, Ontario, Canada. Apr-89, aircraft sold by Keewatin Air Limited, of Winnipeg, MB, Canada, to K&K Aircraft in Bridgewater, VA, in damaged condition. July-89, K&K de-registered Beech E18S, BA-223, N38L, and had that registration put on this aircraft as TC-45J, s/n 51132. Sept-89, C-GBLI was removed from the Canadian registry. Apr-90, Standard Airworthiness Certificate, and Special Airworthiness Certificate, Restricted Category. Aircraft total time was now 12,752 hours.

When Karl bought the aircraft in Canada, the tail, one wing and one landing gear were torn off. He shipped parts back to Virginia in a boxcar, repaired them and shipped them back up in a boxcar. They scabbed the airplane together and Karl ferried it home. A "Super 18", high cabin top had been added along the way somewhere. When he finished repairs on the aircraft at Bridgewater, Karl installed a G-18 type cockpit which greatly improves visibility. I did the inspections and paperwork on the repair of '38 Lima, and it's conversion and certification as a sprayer. Lots of fond memories!

N38L was sold in 2007. It crashed into the ocean near Nassau, in Dec. 2010 on a cargo flight, with the loss of two lives.


N909GP, 1957 E-18S BA-236, BE-18T Hamilton Westwind,

ex N33JD, N514T, N514J, N514JH, N56S, N5681, N787S

at Los Alamitos, CA, Oct. 2003
k&k aircraft turbine twin beech

1/21/11 - A highly qualified, two-man crew in a well equipped and maintained aircraft with lots of fuel - - and away we go! They can disperse the sterile, male Med Flies in IFR conditions. The flies might get spatial disorientation and spin down through the clouds, but they'll eventually get things under control and make a nice landing. Hopefully they'll find a lady friend looking for a mate, and they'll have - - no kids! That's the object of the dispersal program.

Photo 2 - Beech 18's have humiliated a lot of good pilots. I've flown the piston-powered ones in a fair amount of wind and it makes you work. In a crosswind, you use power on the upwind engine to help maintain directional control, and of course you advance the throttle to achieve that. On the turbine 18, you use reverse thrust on the downwind engine, and you pull the power lever back to achieve that. It probably takes some mental adjustments to get used to it!
Photo 3 - Shutting down after a three hour flight. "It sure will feel good to get out of this thing and stretch my legs!"

Unofficial History: Jan-57, Beech's original application for Certificate of Airworthiness. Feb-57, Beech sold to J. D. Reed Company, Inc., Houston, TX, as N33JD; Apr-57 to Tennessee Gas & Transmission Company, Houston, TX, registration changed to N514T; Nov-62, registration changed to N514J, sold to J. S. Abercrombie, Houston, TX; Feb-63, to Houston-Beechcraft Inc., Houston, TX. Feb-63, to Executivaire, Inc., Cincinnati, OH, registration changed to N514JH; Apr-63, Aerojet rocket engines installed; Jan-64, Volpar Tricycle gear installed; July-65, to American Management Association, Hamilton, NY, registration changed to N56S; Oct-66, registration changed to N5681; Nov-66, to Southern Ohio Aviation Sales, Inc., West Carrollton, OH; Nov-66, to Aircraft Owners, Inc., Miami, FL; Mar-67, PT6A-20 Engines installed by American Turbine Aircraft, Long Beach, CA; Aug-67 to Harry Hood Bassett, Miami, FL, as N787S; Dec-68 to Southeast Properties, Inc., Miami, FL; Feb-70 to Southern Airways Company, Orlando, FL; Mar-70 to Georgia Pacific Corporation, Augusta, GA, as a "Beechcraft Turbo Prop Westwind", became N909GP; June-73 to Hamilton Aircraft Company, Tucson, AZ; May-74, Hamilton removed tri-gear and re-installed conventional gear, installed extended nose, cargo/airstair door, 11,230 gross weight kit, crew door and more; May-74, to Tobey, Inc., Belgrade Lakes, ME;. Aug-79 to Check Air, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, as a "Beech Westwind III - E18S" Photo 4 - Check Air N909GP in 1979 at MHE Milwaukee (an AirPix slide, L. Potoski); Oct-79 to FFC, MA; Mar-80, to Mountain Air Cargo, Inc., Maiden, NC; May-86 to Coastal States Aviation, Inc., Denver, NC; Sept-89 to K&K Aircraft, Bridgewater, VA; Nov-91, Removed all cabin windows and frames and skinned over; Apr-94, Aircraft certificated in multiple categories, Standard and Restricted, aircraft total time 17,613 hours.

N909GP was sold to Brazoria County Mosquito Control District, Angleton, TX, in 2010.


N202GW, 1957 E-18S BA-321, BE-18T Hamilton Westwind,
ex N63E
at Los Alamitos, CA, Oct. 2003

Hamilton Westwind III Twin Beech

1/21/11 - N202GW was built as a 1957 E-18S, s/n BA-321, registration N63E. By this time all of the cabin windows and frames have been removed and the area skinned over. This lightens it up more than you might think!

Photo 2 - N202GW had a popular Twin Beech paint scheme. It was a pretty bird, often working four to six hours a day, seven days a week. Photo 3 - Work is done, evening has come!

Unofficial History: Oct-57, original Certificate of Airworthiness, Standard Category; Oct-57, registered as N63E. Beech sold new aircraft to Francis Aviation, Lansing, MI; Same day, to Miller Industries, Inc., Reed City, MI; May-67, to Miller Airmotive, Inc., Osceola, MI; May-69, to a dealer, McCollum Aviation, Danville, IL; July-70, to Runway 5 Aviation, Inc., West Mifflin, PA; July-74, aircraft repossessed; Aug-74 to Nanuet National Bank, Nanuet, NY; Dec-74, Hamilton Aircraft says records lost, asked FAA for copies of 337's, etc; Probably converted to Westwind at this time; May-75, Great Western Airlines, Tulsa, OK, registration changed to N202GW; Dec-77, according to FAA report, "Ground service tug failed to yield right of way" in Chicago. Substantial damage to underside; Mar-81, E-18-T, sold to Viking International Airlines, Minneapolis, MN; Nov-85, E-18-ST, to Ajax Aircraft Leasing, Dover, DE; Same - Leased to Active Aero Charter, Inc., Belleville, MI; Mar-91 to K&K Aircraft, Bridgewater, VA; Dec-95, K&K installed G-18 fuselage cockpit section.

N202GW was parted out and sold to Brazoria County Mosquito Control District, Angleton, TX for spare parts to support the other two aircraft.

N5653D, 1958 E-18S BA-385, BE-18T Hamilton Westwind,
later N897SB
at Los Alamitos, CA, Oct. 2003

1/21/11: This 1958, E-18S, BA-385, was N5653D for 46 years, which is unusual compared to the others in the K&K fleet that had several registrations along the way.

I wanted to hang around for some air-to-air shots, but the big forest fires were raging and the ash-filled air eliminated the possibility of that for the next few days so I came home early! (I was up at Chino, not far away the next day, and ash was falling on me like light snow.)

  Photo 2 - N5653D had a paint job much like N202GW. Photo 4 - N5653D is now operated by the Brazoria County Mosquito Control District, in Angleton, TX, as N897SB, and Jim Ryan sent me this photo. What a beautiful machine and what a photo!  

Unofficial History: Nov-58, original Certificate of Airworthiness, Standard; Nov-58, "Model E18S Beechcraft Super 18", from Beech to dealer, Atlantic Aviation Corporation, South Hackensack, NJ; Nov-58, to Dorado Beach Hotel and Golf Club, New York, NY, application for registration signed by Lawrence S. Rockerfeller, owner; Nov-61, to Dorado Beach Hotel Corporation, Dorado, Puerto Rico; May-64, to Penn Aire Aviation, Franklin, PA; Dec-65 to Continental Aircraft Sales, Medford, NJ; Dec-65 to Thunderbird Airways, Inc., Medford, NJ; Feb-66, FAA issued "Aircraft Operating Limitations With Door Removed", for "Emergency delivery of food following blizzard."; Apr-66 to Longhorn Airways, Inc., Medford, NJ; June-66 to American Turbine Aircraft Corp., Long Beach, CA; Sept-66, American Turbine installed: PT6A-20 engines, Volpar tricycle gear, picture windows, airconditioner and much more; Mar-67 to Jack Adams Aircraft Sales, Inc., Walls, MS, as Beech E-18-S Westwind; Apr-67, to American Turbine Aircraft Corp., Long Beach, CA; Aug-67 to Ambassador Airlines, Inc., Las Vegas NV; July-68, to Carco Air Service of Nevada, Inc., Las Vegas, NV; Mar-69, Beech cargo door installed; Aug-69, Major damage in accident at Bettles Airport, Bettles, Alaska, following a hard landing and gear collapse. The FAA report says, "Demonstrating short field landing, reversed props prematurely, runway short, soft, copilot training." (Oops!) Repairs by Field Aviation Company Limited, Calgary, AB, Canada; Dec-69 to Nevada National Bank, Las Vegas, NV; Feb-72, Beech cargo door removed, Hamilton cargo door installed; Mar-72 to Hamilton Aircraft Company, Inc., Tucson, AZ; Mar-72, Volpar gear removed, returned to conventional gear, 11,230# gross weight kit installed, crew door installed; long nose installed; Mar-72 to Sedalia-Marshall-Boonville Stageline, Inc., Des Moines, IA; Apr-72, Aircraft total time 3579 hours, Photo 3 - N5653D as an SMB Stage Lines freighter in 1982. (slide) ; Sep-85 to Jarex Corporation, Columbus, IN; Nov-85 to Jet Way Enterprises, Inc., Ypsilanti, MI; June-87 to Ajax Aircraft Leasing, Inc., Dover, DE. Leased to Active Aero Charter, Inc., Belleville, MI; Mar-91 to K&K Aircraft, Inc., Bridgewater, VA.

N5653D was sold to Brazoria County Mosquito Control District, Angleton, TX, in 2004 and is operated by them as N897SB.


N961GP, 1961 G-18S BA-559, BE-18T Hamilton Westwind,
ex N96D, N9611
at Los Alamitos, CA, Oct. 2003

1/21/11 - This is the only conventional-gear, PT6A powered Beech 18 done by American Turbine Aircraft Corp. It flew for several years with the original nose, probably in the corporate world. Subsequent aircraft were modified by Hamilton Aircraft, and they probably all had the long nose to increase cargo capacity and help with weight and balance.

BE-18T turbine twin beech
Photo 2 - These aircraft flew a lot of hours and the maintenance team did countless inspections each year. After 50,000 hours of turbine Twin Beech time, and about the same in King Air's, you can be sure they had their operating procedures down pat!

Unofficial History: Nov-60, Original application for Certificate of Airworthiness; Nov-60, Beech sold N96D to Youngstown Airways, Inc., Youngstown, OH, as "Beechcraft G18S Super 18"; Jan-61, to The Wean Engineering Company, Inc., Warren, OH; Apr-65 to Youngstown Airways again; May-65 to Lease Air, Inc., Youngstown, OH, registration changed to N9611; Mar-67 to Bailey Leasing Corporation, Fort Wayne, IN; June-67 to Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Augusta, GA, later Portland, OR, registration changed to N961GP; Sept-68, Certificated "Experimental", by American Turbine Aircraft Corp., Long Beach, CA, for flight testing PT6A-20's, aircraft total time 4782-hours; July-71 to Hamilton Aircraft Co., Inc., Tucson, AZ; July-71 to Sedalia, Marshall, Boonville Stage Line, Inc., Des Moines, IA, later Grapevine, TX; Sept-74, Installed Hamilton extended nose, 11,230 gross weight kit, Hamilton cargo door; Photo 3 - N961GP as an SMB Stage Lines aircraft in 1979 (slide); Sept-85 to Jarex Corporation, Columbus, IN; Nov-85 to Jet Way Enterprises, Inc., Yipsilanti, MI; June-87 to Ajax Aircraft Leasing, Dover, DE, leased to Active Aero Charter, Inc., Belleville, MI; Mar-91 to K&K Aircraft, Inc., Bridgewater, VA; Apr-91, Aircraft certificated in multiple categories, Standard and Restricted, aircraft total time 14,302 hours.

N961GP was sold to Suncoast Air Cargo of Palm City, FL in 2008 and there are several fairly recent photos on the 'net.

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